New Adventures Await!

Well we did it… here in China. Who would have thought? I know I never did.
We left Toronto and I don’t think it had truely sunk in… we were so busy packing, moving etc. When we got down to 5 days it kinda took my breath away for a second. Then it felt like we were getting ready for a vacation…. bags packed, at the airport… only this time we hadn’t packed light. How do you pack a LIFE into 3 bags???
There were a few tears, but mainly from family. It still didn’t sink in! Then we were showing our boarding passes and the flight attendant said “Hello”, checked my passport and visa and then the people behind me walked up to the counter and the attendant said “Nihao” (hello in Chinese). That is when it hit me… I am going to CHINA!!! That is all I will hear… Chinese! AHHHH….
The flight was fine… super enthusastic flight attendant… so cheery, hyper… I’d like to have whatever she is having. We had the crying babies, kid kicking the seat… so not much in the way of sleeping on the 13 hour flight. Thank goodness for MOVIES! We had free choice on what to watch… watched about 4. Alice in Wonderland (didn’t like it too much), Diary of a Wimpy kid (funny), Date Night (very funny- Steve Carrel & Tina Fey I think… need I say more?), and She’s outta your league (funny).
We arrived a bit late -we were all ready for take off when the flight attendants called the cockpit, but the CAPTAIN was missing -stuck in a HUGE traffic jam. Since we arrived late we were in a plane traffic jam and had to wait on the runway for a bit…. just what you need when they just fed you coffee a half hour ago!
Customs went smooth and we arrived just as the luggage came out. Our bags were right there… all 6 of them! The school was waiting for us and took us to the apartment. Holly by the way came too -I didn’t get to see her and she was sent off to quarentinne for 7 days. The pet guy met us there and made all her arrangements.
The apartment was lovely! Nice and modern, wood floors and tile (which is very warm). We have a big comfy bed and duvet, living and dining room, tons of storage and a spare room/office. The school left food (milk, juice, water, fruit, bread, jam, peanut butter…. etc.) they also left a phone card and slippers (for me and John)… very nice.
We had our first full day here… tune in next time for more!

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7 thoughts on “New Adventures Await!

  1. Freda Goulet

    I love that they left you slippers…did they fit??

  2. Diana

    They sure did! Cute little pink ones and blue for John.

  3. Lisa

    great blog so far Diana! Can’t believe you had italian food FIRST when you got there! Did you at least eat it with chopsticks?

    • Canadian Travel Bug

      No we didn’t eat with chopsticks… haven’t mastered that so well yet! We will have to carry a plastic set in our pockets just in case we need it eating out. Come to think of it we have eaten out at this good breakfast place and they gave us “western” cuttlery and the locals get chopsticks! Must save them the hassel!

  4. Sharon Marr

    Glad to hear you got there okay. It must be so exciting.

  5. Paria

    I love the idea of creating this blog Diana. I love reading about your new adventures. Try to post pictures when you get a chance pls and thanks.

    • We took some pictures today when we were out… I am going to try and post them tomorrow. Some web sites say the files are too large though and I don’t know how to re-size them… I hope I can figure it out. I will try in the morning when I am more awake. Off to bed… it was the hottest day yet and it sucked the life out of us!

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