I’m Melting

We felt like the Wicked Witch from the Wizard of Oz as we explored the city yesterday… “I’m melting….” Saying it was hot is an understatement! The temperature was around 38c plus humidity! The wave of heat smothered us like a wet blanket and weighed heavy on every inch of our bodies. We took a taxi down to the Pearl Tower -which was much larger than I expected. It kinda reminds you of the CN tower with a ball at the top and another near the bottom. It has ‘tripod’ legs, so it is very spread out. There were TONS of people everywhere. We took a few pictures and were sweating so we pushed through the crowd to get inside the air-conditioned mall. Once we cooled down we went back out into the “oven” and took the subway to the closest stop to the markets. We ended up walking for over a half hour in the heat (which felt like forever) only to find out there was a subway stop RIGHT ACROSS THE STREET! Yikes! The map we had did not have this subway line on it, so we drug ourselves through the streets in the intense heat, which felt like walking through hot porridge, for nothing! ARG!
We explored the shops -kinda like a dollar store on steroids! Useless knickknacks everywhere! Not to mention the locals who zone in on “westerners” like flies on honey! Lady pursey, pursey… come looky, looky… No prawbim! Gucci, Praw-dah… nicey nicey! Just keep looking down and walking. Ignoring doesn’t always help, so finally I said No purse, NO. Finally they would spot a new tourist and they would start on them. It was funny they walk up to you and pull out these brochures with pictures of any purse or bag you can imagine. “Yew picks one, what do yew like?” It was relentless.
We left and went to the Pearl Market at the Science and Technology museum. Here they were just as pushy, but there were more useful things… more purses, but also more variety. They had luggage, clothes (knock offs?), coats, tailor made whatever you want, shoes, pearls, software (???shady???) and more.
John was wheeling and dealing and got some good bargains. He bought a shirt, wheelie computer bag, a necklace for me and Leaf jersey for cheapy, cheap!
We also went out for dinner with some fellow teachers and our principal. Everyone was so nice! We had Mexican BBQ of all things –and the chef was from Burlington! Of course when we asked where he was from he started general then got more specific. Where are you from? Canada. We’re from Canada… Where abouts? -Toronto. We’re from Niagara…. OK Burlington. You only get more specific when people are from the area and know what you are talking about!
The principal invited me to check out the school early, so I am going to do that today and try to avoid the heat as much as possible.
Tune in for more tomorrow!

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2 thoughts on “I’m Melting

  1. Linda

    Hi Diana and John……we are really enjoying your blog. Keep it coming. It must be so hard to adjust to the heat. Take care. Big hugs, Linda

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