Running on Empty

Here we are on day 3! So far so good except for the extreme heat and lack of sleep. In 5 days I had about 18 hours sleep. Just before we left there were a few late nights packing the last few items, then 2 hours sleep (not consecutive either) on the plane, then John waking up at 11PM our first night here thinking it was morning. Well it was… in CANADA… not China! Last night I went to bed early and slept deeply… until John was up at 2AM coughing and unable to sleep. He picked up a cold just before we left. Knock on wood I have been able to fight it off.

It is HOT here… with the humidity it feels over 40c (yesterday 45). Today it will be hotter than that I think -if the 7:30 AM temperature (was 33c +humidity) is any indication of the temperatures… can it get any hotter? The cicadas were chirping like mad at 7AM and we don’t usually hear them until 8 or so. You know how HOT it is!

Today we plan on seeing some of the city and going to Puxi (old section of Shanghai) to explore the narrow streets, shops and see the Pearl Tower. I haven’t taken any photos yet of the city, so I hope I can figure out how to post a few here on the blog. If not I will e-mail some.

Today it is our 2nd anniversary. We went shopping yesterday and I bought John some Pleasant Goat and Bad Bad Wolf dishes. They are a cartoon for kids, but John gets a kick out of them. We had to buy a shopping bag with the funny “sheep” -which turned out to be these goats. So he picked out a plate, spoon, cereal bowl with a lid and cup with a lid! I decided I didn’t want these dishes so we will go shopping in the markets today so I can pick out something.

We were in the grocery store yesterday and John and I were buying some food and John and I were trying to decide what type of noodles to buy. John said “I don’t want to buy anything because I can’t read what it says”. I laughed SO hard… and said “Ya think??? And you are surprised? Better get used to IT! if you wanna eat.” We picked out 2, but haven’t tried them yet… we will see. Most flavours seem to be colour coded, so we will just have to remember what “colours” to avoid in future.

Once school starts I won’t be able to blog as much –so you’ll have to get your fill now!

Stay tuned for more on our adventures in Old Shanghai (Puxi) tomorrow!

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One thought on “Running on Empty

  1. Freda Goulet

    John, let’s hope you aren’t buying “flied lice”!!! LOL!

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