Trailing Spouse

Another day in Shanghai. We have enjoyed everything so far -except the heat. Everyday is around 37-39c and when you add in the humidity it feels like 45-49c! Air conditioning is our new best friend.

One thing we have noticed about the city is how clean it is. There are a lot of people and cars, so there would be garbage and pollution… but you don’t see it. There are teams of cleaners, some with their large “old-fashioned” style straw brooms sweeping and cleaning. The pollution isn’t bad (hasn’t bothered our breathing) but you notice it on the balcony railing. To combat this problem they clean every surface, so things just sparkle. Everyday we hear the now familiar sound of the “ice cream truck” music, only it’s not an ice cream truck… but a street cleaner! A large truck with a power washer attached washes the road… you wouldn’t want to get too close as the thing is pretty high-powered. It would soak you and probably knock you flat on your butt! The cheery music warns of its coming -you are drawn to it (thinking of the ice-cream trucks at home and in this heat it would make sense), but instead it is to warn you to move out-of-the-way.

Our complex of apartment buildings has 25-30 buildings (20 or more floors each). We have a large balcony with a city view (opposite side from the Pearl Tower though -we can see it from the window by the lift. That side of the building gets the most sun, so probably a good thing the apartment is on the opposite side). With such a large complex we have a small stream and lots of greenery -grass, trees and flowering plants. In a city this large greenery is sometimes hard to come by, so to look outside and see green makes it feel more like home and less like a big city.

Tonight the school has a new teacher dinner, so we can meet each other and some of the adminstration staff. John is also invited… as he is a “trailing spouse” (what they call the spouse of the teacher– they have trailed, or comer along for the ride). Today is my last day of freedom… tomorrow I report to the school for new teacher orientation. I have 2 full days of appointments, setting up bank accounts, meeting the school staff and learning all the philosophies. Friday we also have a full day -and a city tour… a river cruise!

I know I won’t have time to write everyday, so I will try every other day or every week (weekends) for sure. Stay tuned for more adventures!

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4 thoughts on “Trailing Spouse

  1. Amy

    Hooray! A blog! I love it! Way to go! Keep it coming!

    Amy (NAK)…nursing @ keyboard

  2. Freda Goulet

    I Love the way you describe everything…I can picture the “ice cream” truck and hear the music!! Enjoy your first day at school….

  3. Linda

    Love your blog Diana and I love being able to know what is happening on your end. You are such a good story teller. I forwarded your blog address to Aaron…..thought he might want to read it too. Have a great day tomorrow.

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