Lazy Dayz

Well today was supposed to be another adventure, but instead it turned out to be just a lazy day at home. John was up early and not feeling well. Turns out he is sick -fever and weak. It was more important that I stayed home to be sure he was OK, so I just watched TV programs and read. We are hoping it is just a 24 hour flu. I spoke to another one of the teachers and she was saying a few others have also been ill, so there is a little bug going around. John has had a harder time with jet-leg so his body may just be more susceptible to illness. I have been going to bed early and taking my vitamins so I hope it stays away from me. At school before they let you in the gate they make you purel your hands and take your temperature. The first time it happened it was a bit unsettling as they point this thing at your head… a little uncomfortable and a few people freaked out. No one explained what it was… and I guessed it is taking your temperature and not reading your thoughts, mind control, or something! If I am ill I guess they would send you home. I haven’t seen this at our campus, but it was at the Puxi campus . Friday I noticed the sign to explain the precautions for H1N1, so that is why I assume its for your temperature. Tomorrow all the teachers are back (returning and new) for our PD days –so they probably will be checking us all out… so I can’t be sick!

It was nice to stay home today too -Holly is home now. She came home Friday and John said she purred soon as she came out of the crate. Of course Friday was a longer day with the river cruise, so I had to wait until 8:30 to see her. I came in and called her and she came out from under a bed. Soon as I picked her up she purred -happy to be home. She followed me everywhere and when she got tired of walking she laid within sight. She slept ON me Friday, usually she sleeps at the end of the bed or elsewhere, so she must have worried I would leave so she got as close as she could.

She has settled in and likes her new home. She has found her new favourite places, she loves the big windows and our soft comfy bed.  She also loves the balcony -which is glass so she can see out. It gets pretty windy which makes me nervous she may be blown away, so I chase her back in after a minute or two. She is comfortable and happy -how quick they adjust. I just can’t imagine what was going through her mind as she was on an airplane and moved from place to place.

Her crate was quite funny -tags and information was attached to it, things you would expect, but there were also the “this was up” stickers all over it! Who do they have working for the airlines that they can’t figure out the handle is on the top or look at which way the animal is standing? She also had a sticker for animals and the choices were dog, turtle and fish. They circled the dog (picture looks like a big boxer or Doberman) and under they wrote “cat” (that would be one scary and large cat). I can understand dogs and fish, but who transports turtles and why? And are turtles more popular that it didn’t allow cat as an option?

So we have all had our adventures and survived and many more await. Tune in later this week for more…

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5 thoughts on “Lazy Dayz

  1. Freda Goulet

    I’m glad that Molly is feeling at home in China…like you said, they adapt as long as their owner is there too. Sorry to hear that John is not feeling too well, hopefully, it will be just a 24 hour bug. Take some extra vitamin C, and stay well. Looking forward to hearing about your frist day with your students…are you teaching English, or other subjects as well? have fun!!

  2. Linda

    Hi Diana and John: Nice to read what is happening on your end but sorry to hear that John is under the weather. I hope its just a 24 hour bug and that you don’t get it Diana. Glad to hear that Holly has made herself at home. If only we humans could adapt so well. I hope you have a great day tomorrow and that all goes well.!!!

  3. Leslie

    Hope John is feeling better and actually rests!
    Glad Holy is settling in….don’t tell her that turtles are more popular lol

    • John did rest and felt much better the next day, but not 100%. By Tuesday he was back to himself. I am just glad I didn’t get it… carrying a toilet to class wouldn’t exactly be an option! Hee Hee. Holly is great… looks a little grey-er but is happy to have her people back. She is comfortable to go off on her own and not follow me everywhere. Now that I am out for about 9+ hours she comes and hangs out for a few pets, when I get home, then is off to catch up on her cat sleep.

  4. Amy

    Reading your blog faithfully! I am sure there are a lot of readers who do not comment. Glad to hear John is feeling better!

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