First Day of School

Yesterday was my “First Day of School”. I was excited… my first class TEACHING! Finally!!! It was a long day we were picked up at 6:54 AM and at school by 7:05. At 7:20 one of us (my co-teacher went) down to help the students find their classes because returning students do not find out until the first day. At 7:40 or so my first students started to arrive in the classroom. (School starts at 8AM and ends at 3:15. Teachers are free to leave at 4PM, but my bus doesn’t come until 4:30. I can walk home which only takes 15 minutes.)

Once everyone arrived we did the regular routine of attendance (register here), discussing rules and a tour of the school. We read a book, did the calendar and assessments. Nothing too out of the ordinary. I have a really nice class and they were pretty quiet – but I am sure that won’t last! I have one little Mexican Jumping Bean who can’t sit still and always has to do his own thing. I was on him and every time he ran down the hall I made him go back and do it again… We have so many stairs at the school (and we are on the 3rd floor) I can see he is an accident waiting to happen. As a new teacher I don’t need that kind of attention!

Most things ran smoothly and we had a good day. The dreaded happened and all you teachers will understand…. INDOOR RECESS!!! Not what you want on the first day of school. So far in Shanghai we have had the quick heavy rains that come and go quickly… well yesterday (and the day before) we had quite the rainstorm. It poured for a few hours and lots of thunder and lightning. It was a HEAVY rain too. Luckily (and strangely) our playground is all the rubberized material that is the padding under some of the climbers at home… our running track, climber area and field (yes field) is this padding… green for the field, brown with lines for track… so by last recess they could go outside because it was a little bit wet, but not muddy. 

I have students from all over -the US, Denmark, Australia, Japan, France… a very international class.

So stay tuned for more silly stories and antics from my class… and I still have to write about our adventures at IKEA…

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2 thoughts on “First Day of School

  1. Linda Sams

    Good to hear about your first day at school. It must be so interesting teaching children from so many different backgrounds. Glad to hear that it went well and that you have your thumb on the little jumping bean. Looking forward to your Ikea blog……I love Ikea but they took the store away in Halifax so haven’t been to one in a long time. Take care and big hugs.

  2. Freda Goulet

    Every class has a “mexican ” jumping bean! I do understand about indoor recess..especially the first day. I was teaching an intermediate group of mentally challenged students in St Catharines once. On the first day, there was a terribly loud clap of thunder. Maurisio, aged 13, jumped right up in my arms and held on for dear life, for about 5 minutes!! I still remember that so vividly….as you will remember your experiences too.

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