Typhoon Day

In Canada we pray for snow days… and I thought those days were over especially with temperatures in the high 30s, but we have “typhoon days”! Last night was parent’s night and at the end a fellow teacher said we may not have school tomorrow a typhoon is coming! WHAT??? I thought they were pulling my leg and it was a joke. Sure enough 20 minutes later I had a phone call that it was typhoon day, but we were to report to school as usual, but the children would not. If things got bad we also would stay home.  We were low on water and ran out to get some and a few groceries “just in case”.

This morning I woke up to a beautiful day with sun and lovely fluffy clouds, no wind which made it very ‘sticky’. I felt like a kid covered in cotton candy. So we went to school had a few meetings and did some work kid free! So where was the storm? Well there were 3 and 1 was headed straight for Shanghai, but went North towards Korea and missed us. We did have some rain over night, but nothing serious. Today at school it was sunny until about noon when we had some heavy downpours and thunder. Still not anything worse than we have had before… just as bad the first day of school.

We got to go home early since the local weather bureau said the first 2 storms went by us and barely brushed us, but a third was coming and with this one there is more chance of flooding. Today was pretty pathetic for a no school day, but here most mom’s are home anyway, so it isn’t that big of a deal to stay home.  Now I wonder if this 3rd storm will actually be as horrible as they predict? It just started to thunder and rain again… right on cue as the predicted time was 6PM and it is 5:45. Leave it to the Chinese to be that accurate!

I guess the weather bureau is the one to make a call on schools – or that is who the superintendent consults before school closures. We will know by 8PM tonight if there is school. It could be another kid free day -which would be nice since today we got tons of things e-mailed to us of things that need to be up ASAP. It is all stuff on the computer and we can only access at school. If the storm is really bad then we stay home too.

Flooding seems to be an issue here. Water pools on the roads and doesn’t seem to drain away. I am not sure if the drains are just for show or they can’t keep up with the amount of rain. We get quick heavy rains in the summer at home, but rarely does it pool like this here… over your ankles! It was so cute the one day Lydia didn’t want to get her shoes wet at the school gate and the guard put some bricks down for her to cross the large puddle (or small pond). Not that is mattered because the street was under water anyway.

Stayed tuned for our weekend in Hang Zhou and things I have noticed in China…

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2 thoughts on “Typhoon Day

  1. Linda Sams

    Stay safe from those typhoons. Grandpa Leonard used to say we were getting a typhoger! Do you remember that. We are supposed to see part of Hurricane Earl here in the maritimes but they aren’t sure of its direct hit yet. Talk to you soon. Linda

  2. Freda Goulet

    A “typhoon” day…now that is interesting!! I have read about the flooding in China, seems serious though. I finished watching Josh today….I will miss being with him three or four days a week….and I will miss the pool for cooling off! I have to decide if I want to volunteer at Thompson Creek again this year.
    Take care, stay dry!

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