Hang Zhou

Last weekend we went to Hang Zhou and I haven’t written about it yet due to the weather excitement this week of the 3 off shore typhoons causing school closures. Well the Typhoons missed us and we had a sunny day for most of Wednesday. Around noon it did rain a bit, off and on. Word came that the 3rd typhoon was still heading our way. The students did not have to report to school, but teachers did. We had meetings and got ready for Charity week and caught up on some marking and things. At 2:30 they decided to send us home at 3 PM to be safe. Around 7:30 we had a very heavy rain and some thunder and lightning. It was a lot of rain, but not any worse than the rain we had the first day of school. There wasn’t any flooding or power outages, so the typhoon was a bit of a dud. I didn’t have to get that canoe after all.

Last weekend our trip to Hang Zhou was nice. Everyone said it was the “country” well there is a lake and some trees and hills (tea plantation) but lots of buildings and traffic… It was like a city with an extra-large park. If this is country what would they think of “country” when they came to Canada? Desolation? Isolation?

It was much cooler there, so it was a good escape from the heat. We went up to a large temple and had some lovely views. The others we went with found it too hot, so for the rest of the trip we toured around and saw things from the comfort of our air-conditioned van. I wanted to get out and see the GIANT lotus flowers, but everyone else thought it was good enough to view from a far. Oh well we will have to go back.

The hotel was amazing… brand new. Everything was glittering and marble, plush carpets and excellent service. We enjoyed the pool and hot tub (although it was indoors). Dinner was interesting – large fish on a plate with the head and fins still on. The fins were displayed open… and the chicken… with the head still on was a bit much to take. This area is known for their seafood, and meat that looks like it is sleeping is not ideal, so I ate things that didn’t look back at me. The bamboo shoots, beef and pork were very good. For dessert we had a fruit plate and I have discovered I love dragon fruit. It is a white fleshy fruit with a consistency of a pear only softer. There are little black seeds throughout so to look at it you think it has pepper on it. It is very sweet though. Since then I bought some at the grocery store and it was even better!

It was a nice weekend away… just 1.5 hours by train. We will have to go back without a group so we can explore more on our own. This weekend was with the Masons… who cannot meet, but unofficially gather. There were people from all over (Austria, US, UK…). It’s nice meeting new people but difficult to travel in large numbers when everyone has different interests.

Stay tuned for more interesting stories about China

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2 thoughts on “Hang Zhou

  1. Freda Goulet

    Dragon fruit sounds like a fruit I might like. We have an Asian store near us, must see if I can get some there. I don’t think I would like my fish or meat looking back at me either!!
    It’s great that you are exploring a bit of the country.
    Your parents are planning to come to the navy club today…it has really cooled off here . It was 8*C yesterday, not much warmer today.
    Have a great week….
    Aunt Freda

  2. Linda Sams

    Glad to hear that your weekend went well. I don’t think I would want to eat anything that was staring at me either. We weathered Hurricane Earl here in Cape Breton. We had no power for about 10 hours…originally they had said 24. A few trees down here and there in the yard and I understand that one man lost his life somewhere up the line. Aaron is leaving Greece tomorrow and heading to Istanbul. Take care and keep in touch.

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