Moon Festival

Well The Mid Autumn/Moon Festival was not too much for us to observe. I thought there would be fireworks or something… but I guess it is more of a family day and people spend it together. We went shopping and there were fewer people out and around at first. It got busy later… a typical day.

In the evening I walked over to the plaza by us to see families walking around, eating out… and some lights. There was a display with large crescent moons and a large bunny and flowers that light up. It is a thin material draped over a wire shape and then the lights are inside so it is very colourful and in 3D.

One of my students gave me a moon cake, but I am afraid to try it as it could have the duck egg or other things inside. Moon cakes are the tradition like mince pies in England for Christmas and it is tradition to give them as gifts, you don’t usually buy them for yourself.

One thing about holidays -they get Wednesday, Thursday and Friday off (except for stores and tourist things, even banks were open) but they need to make up for lost time and work this weekend and Sunday last weekend. Our school was only closed Wednesday and we don’t have to make up for the lost day. Next week we have a short week again as we are on National Holiday Oct 1-10. I wonder if they need to make up for those holidays too?

Take care and stay tuned for more

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