Well moving to China was an opprotunity to get a full-time teaching job, a chance to live overseas, see a new part of the world and learn about a new culture. The opportunities do not stop there… yesterday I had the opportunity of maybe once in a lifetime… to meet the one and only Dr. Jane Goodall. Remember the movie back in the early 90’s about the lady who decided to observe chimps in their native environment? The same Jane Goodall!

Our school is a part of an environmental group called Roots and Shoots. Each group is driven by its members for its focus. One thing the group supports is a campaign that hopes to plant 1 million trees in Mongolia, an area that has lost its trees (due to deforestation, need etc.) and is turning more and more into a desert wasteland. Yew Chung helped raise enough money to plant over 1,000 trees so we were invited to this speaking engagement. It was optional and you didn’t have to be a part of the ‘school environmental group’ to go. I was interested, so I luckily got a ticket for John and I to attend the intimate speaking engagement (of about 125 people).

Well Dr. Goodall is an eloquent speaker, whose inspirational stories, energy and calm demeanour is so inspiring. She travels about 300 days a year! Her story how she started in a time when no one, never mind women, observed animals… and her family had no money… to turn into a world-renowned researcher bring tears to your eyes. Her love for animals and the environment is evident in her every word.

With all this recognition she is such a down to earth person and walked freely among us, before her speaking began, is a testament to how she is. Afterwards she allowed questions and then stayed to answer more questions and allow for us to get photos with her.

Again I must say what a opprotunity…. one that I never would have imagined possible.

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2 thoughts on “Opprotunities

  1. Linda

    Wow, Diana what a great opportunity that was. I remember watching the show about her and the apes. It must have been so nice to be able to speak with her in a small group like that. Glad to hear that things are still working out and that you and John are enjoying your “new home”. Big hugs, Linda

  2. Leslie

    WOW ! I’m so thrilled for you.
    She is a supporter of Greg Mortenson & Central Asia Institute, who build schools in remote regions of Afghanistan and Pakistan. I’ve been thinking alot about those children lately with everything they’ve had to endure.
    Isn’t it amazing where life takes you?

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