Winter Worries

As the seasons change and we are going into fall and cooler damp weather the stores are starting to put out their winter (or fall?) clothing. It worries me when all the jackets are big down coats and the PJs look like snow suits! The PJs are that thick, warm coral fleece and they are lined with flannel! PJs here are 3 piece suits! Yesterday we even saw GIAGANTIC slippers… more like foot warmers… they are like the fun animal slippers we have at home, but only 1 and they are huge and very thick, thicker than my pillow. I think they are to place on the floor to keep your feet warm as you sit at watch TV or work at your desk. Those snuggies would go over really well here! The thing that troubles me the most is the coral fleece toilet seat covers. Does it really get that cold that you need something warm and fuzzy for your toilet seat? Frankly it grosses me out, thinking that may not be the most hygienic. Fellow teachers tell me it doesn’t get that cold here… but it is really damp. The buildings are not insulated, so inside it always feels cold. We had that last week when we had a lot of rain then many cool, cloudy days. The temperature said 15-16c, but it felt much colder.

Today when we woke up I thought our windows had steamed up, turned out it was fog (wu)! It was so foggy I couldn’t see further than the balcony! The sun is out and it is trying to burn it off, slow process… still can’t see the blue sky, bt then again rarely do we see the blue sky. It is always cloudy here — so much moisture in the air I guess. Hence the high humid temperatures when we arrived and current dampness.

This past week, in science, we had to have the students measure their shadows which was very difficult when there was no sun. One day it was sunny and my EAL students were in their classes, so I said as soon as they return we would go out and take advantage of the sun. The students returned, we went outside to cloudy weather. Man did the clouds (THICK GREY CLOUDS) roll in fast, where did they come from? The kids were like ” I can’t see my shadow….” I said “oh look I can, but its very faint…” so the lesson was not the best. That happened to us not once, not twice BUT 3 times. As I said to the kids…. “Oh well welcome to living in Shanghai…. what can we do?” And this little guy said “yup, you can’t change the weather!” True enough.

Stay tuned I still need to write about our visit to Expo…

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3 thoughts on “Winter Worries

  1. Freda Goulet

    Give that little guy an “A”…..we certainly can’t change the weather! The things we take for granted…until they become a necessity, like having sunshine for a lesson! I am always cold here ….not sure I could survive in Shanghai! The “snuggies” you mentioned are being advertised everywhere right now…must be almost Christmas! Will there be SNOW in Shanghai….that should be an interesting experience!
    Take care, enjoyed your weather report! Aunt Freda

  2. Amy

    Fleece toilet seat covers??? Too funny! Take a picture and post it!

    I think you need to post a Top 10 list, you know Letterman style. Top 10 things you love about China. Top 10 things you hate about China.

    What about your job? Are you enjoying it? Is the workload manageable?

  3. Leslie

    rofl I agree post a pic of the toilet seats!!

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