My Turn

Well we have been here almost 5 months (hard to believe) and other than the usual cold and sniffles, that regularly come with working with kids, I have been healthy— until Saturday. You always here about people getting sick from the local cuisine and I had no problem with the food. Soon after we arrived John was ill and we are not sure if it was the food or flu that he picked up. Well it was MY Turn on the weekend and boy did it get me good!

Friday night we had my work Christmas party. We had dinner and lots of good prizes. I won 2 -2 hour massages at a really great spa, a 200RMB gift card, back pack and an “executive”  travel kit with a travel alarm, pen and money clip. Everyone got a really nice gift… engraved chopsticks and large spoon. We almost missed the bus… when things are over they are out the door! John was talking to some people and I looked and the room had cleared… we ran for our bus! That would have been an expensive cab ride home!

The next morning my back was sore and I had bad cramps. Wasn’t sure why… went to the school and picked up my things I left the day before and then we went to the market to do some Christmas shopping. I was achy and some of the vendors offered me a chair to sit on, so I must have looked a little sore. I usually stand all day and wasn’t sure why I felt so weak and tired from standing. It was getting late, so we left and decided to grab a bite to eat and go home. We had a great dinner and had thought about going out. One of the office staff was finished and his last day was Friday. He had planned a small gathering. I was just SO tired and sore. Soon as we came home I fell asleep on the couch. I woke up shortly after and said to John that I felt sick. I ran to the bathroom and called for a bucket. One end triggered the other… it was NOT pretty.

I have never thrown up or been SO sick in my life. This was every 15-20 minutes for the first hour or two then about every hour from 8 or 9 PM until 4 or 5 AM! I figure it must be food poising because I felt fine otherwise… it was bizarre. I was still sore, which I figured was also from the throwing up. I had a low-grade fever, but wasn’t hot. I no longer had the cramps… which were unbearable. Soon as I ate something Sunday I threw up again. I finally was able to keep a small bit of toast and liquid down about 2 in the afternoon. I slept all day off and on and all night and felt better Monday. I went to work and felt so tired… we had concert rehearsal and the gym was so bloody hot it was like a sauna. I sat and leaned on a wall the whole time. I couldn’t take it… I had to ask to go home. I had a bunch of parents coming to do a craft and I stuck it out until they left and I went home just before lunch. I slept again for most of the day.

It is Tuesday morning and I am feeling better. I think I can make it through the day. I looked up my symptoms on a medical web site and it looks like it was food poisoning. Not sure where I picked it up… and it could have been anything I have eaten up to 1 week prior. Last week we ate at a new restaurant and then Friday the staff party… other than that it was at home or the same (western) places. What if it was the work party???

Home for the holidays in less than 1 week… hopefully we don’t get snowed in! They are calling for snow here (very unusual especially for this time of year) and a light dusting causes things to come to a stand-still since they are not used to it. I see home is getting lots of snow too… stay tuned…

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3 thoughts on “My Turn

  1. Leslie

    Glad you’re feeling better! I too was really sick over the last 24hrs.

  2. Linda Sams

    Hi Diana–sorry to hear that you were so sick. I am glad to hear that you are starting to feel better. Its pretty miserable stuff to say the least. While Ontario is being battered by snow Nova Scotia is being flooded with rain. The people in Dingwall couldn’t get out all day yesterday-no phones, nothing. I got called into work from vacation as the other girl lives in Dingwall. We almost lost two of the bridges in Ingonish and #6 on the golf course is covered in sand and mud. I hope you guys get home safely. Take care of yourself. Hugs,

  3. Freda Goulet

    Hi Diana, Sure sounds like food poisoning. I had it once, and I felt like I didn’t care if I lived or died. I’m glad that you are feeling better. It sure takes a lot out of you.
    Not many more sleeps now and you will be winging your way west…no snow in Brantford, just a very light dusting, but very cold. Daytime highs haven’t been on the plus side in more that 7 days or so. So much for global warming! It has been very windy, and that made it bitterly cold!
    Take care, stay well.

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