White Christmas in Shanghai?

Its beggining to feel a lot like Christmas…. everywhere you go….

Well Christmas is not far off and more lights and decorations are going up everywhere you look. The housing development near the school each day has put up more and more bows and this bright shiny material. The Plaza near us has strung hundreds of those large stars between 2 buildings… it is so pretty. But wait this is China! They then added these large umbrellas that are white twinkle lights… mesmorizing.

Yesterday topped it off. It was our Christmas concert and it was warm last week (I was out in short sleeves) and there are leaves still on the tress. Feels like October most days. Well yesterday the temperatures dropped fast and it had that “snow” feeling in the air. No one was prepared and most kids didn’t have jackets. I told them it would snow, but Wednesday morning they were disappointed … “You said it would snow!” I said it still might…. maybe after the concert tonight.

Well its Christmas week… so many things were wrapped up and concert rehearsals for hours on end…. we needed a Pick Me Up. We were finishing off some work and I looked outside to see very teeny-weeny almost impossible to see snow flurries. I gasped (snow in Shanghai??? what????) The kids looked up to see what happened and I said LOOK! I have never seen 21 little faces run and press their little faces on the glass SO fast! They were SO excited. It made me laugh and think of everyone at home (especially London and Sarnia who are now buried in meters of snow). It stopped soon after so the excitement wore off and we went back to work. Just before afternoon recess it started to snow again. This time wet flakes… and it stuck! It looked very pretty as it covered the ground and trees (which still had leaves). I had duty on the covered courtyard… I had 3 kids to watch. 1 found it too cold and the other 2 had no jackets (poor things so disappointed) so they were not allowed out. The rest you could see through the window making snow angels and trying to build snowmen… it was only .5 or 1 cm deep… but that did not matter it was SNOWING!!!!!!!!!

Some kids ran to line up and I looked at my watch and said recess is not over, luckily my boss (coordinator) came by and said it was or I would be sending kids back to play! He said it’s snowing they need to come in. I laughed and said SNOW this isn’t snow! Well the 2 of us were at the bottom of the stairs as each kid filed past they rambled and blabbered at warp speed to tell us about the snow angel, snow ball etc they had made. What excitement… you could have plugged in a Christmas tree and made it shine! It brought so much energy back to a group that was tired, worn out and ready for a holiday. Many of these kids had never seen snow and to see the excitement on their faces just made me giddy.

Some kids asked if we were going to have a blizzard like I showed them (I showed them photos of the snow from London). Oh to be a kid… a skiff of snow is like a mountain!

Well the Christmas concert went off without a hitch… few people were late because of the snow! remember we are in Shanghai… where there are palm trees and still leaves on the trees! After the concert I went to leave and the whole field was FULL of parents, children and laughter which filled the air as everyone was playing in the snow. It was like a Christmas movie… because I am sure back home people are grumbling about the stuff, certainly not revelling and playing in it…. unless you are under 12.

I am glad it snowed… for me it brought back the spirit of Christmas as I watched people let go and the little kid shine through as they played in the snow with their children. The energy and excitement are contagious and brings a big smile to my face and a warm feeling in my heart.  Now only if I can hold onto that as I return to the great white north!

Well 2 blogs this week… this weekend we will be frantically shopping and packing (did I mention thank goodness our flight is Monday) so no blog this weekend. I will try to write one when we are home… or once we return to Shanghai. Sorry to all for no Christmas cards this year… with the mail taking so long and lack of Christmas cards to buy…. they may turn out to be happy summer cards!

Merry Christmas and all the best…. stay tuned  for more in 2011….


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2 thoughts on “White Christmas in Shanghai?

  1. Linda Sams

    What a delightful story Diana…….it does bring out the child in all of us to see something like that happen. Hope you and John have a very safe trip home and a very Merry Christmas and all the best for 2011. Love Ag and Linda

  2. Freda Goulet

    Diana, I could feel the excitement you wrote about. I remember the years at school and the first snowfall and the excitement it generated! Josh and I were tobogganing in Dunnville last week, very little snow on the hill, and freezing cold, but he was having a great time.
    We may see you Christmas night…we have been invited to Jim & JoAnne’s, not sure what your plans are. Have a safe flight home.
    Say “HI” to John.

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