Back in Shanghai

After a whirlwind visit to Canada we are back home (home?) The flight was long and boring, but left on time and arrived early. Soon as we returned we started to get pushed and crowded where ever we went, which was something we did not miss in Canada. People at home at least apologize when they step into your “space”… in China there are way too many people to have respect for each others personal bubble.

It was New Year’s Eve when we arrived and after arriving home with little sleep and a long flight we crashed and awoke about 10PM. Too tired to go out and bring in the New Year we went to bed. John woke up just before midnight and found some sparkling wine that was a gift from a local restaurant owner. He woke me up and we “cheered” in 2011 then went back to sleep. How exciting… that was the best we could do after 13.5 hour flight and a few hours of sleep.

Holly was happy to see us and didn’t move in with the lady downstairs after all! A fellow teacher looked in on her a few times and decided she needed company and adopted her a few evenings. Holly loved the attention and made herself at home.

Back to work on Monday… not much time to relax. At least being tired helped me get back into this time zone, so I am not struggling with jet lag too.

Happy 2011 and stay tuned for more adventures from Shanghai…

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3 thoughts on “Back in Shanghai

  1. Freda Goulet

    Hi Diana, So glad to hear that you arrived “home’ safely. All the best to you both in 2011.
    Aunt Freda

  2. Leslie

    Missing you much!
    Glad you arrived home safe!

  3. Linda Sams

    Hi Diana–glad to hear that you and John arrived back safely. Best wishes for a Happy New Year to you both. I will be looking forward to reading your blogs whenever you have the time. Lots of hugs, Linda and AG

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