Snow in Shanghai

Snow is a rare sight in Shanghai, so some people think webrought it with us. This past week we had snow Tuesday-Thursday. It started as light “dust” so small you couldn’t even tell, but it eventually turned into big fluffy flakes. It was a really wet snow that just melted soon as it touched the ground. Overnight it got cooler and Thursday morning it was a winter wonderland… everything was white, so quiet and pretty. It reminded me of the first snows of the season at home… which is so pretty and peaceful and before it becomes that g*d-d*m stuff to shovel! It was pretty slick and there were no plows or salters in sight… they just aren’t prepared for this stuff.

At school the kids were excited the snow finally stayed. Each class could take their students out if they wished. Again children aren’t prepared for this and only a few students had boots and only 1 American child had the change of shoes… something that is a part of “normal ” winter life at home is not usually needed here. And no one had snowpants! Everyone made snow balls and mini snowmen… they had a lot of fun, except for one child who did not like the cold or snow and just “observed” and waited to return inside.

I am not sure if I mentioned before, but our field is not grass, but Astroturf like… it sheds little green “blades” of pretend grass that stick to you because of static. It also sheds these little black pellets which the children love to collect. So imagine what our snowmen looked like… little white balls of snow covered in black spots. Poor snowman looked liked they had chinese chicken pox… they looked like the fleshy bit of dragon fruit (which is white with mini black seeds)!

Some children made good size snow balls, great packing snow. My Chinese co-teacher was amazed how large some of the snowballs were. She was in awe when she saw the full size snowman that was almost as tall as me. She had never seen this much snow before.

The snow was a nice relief in the cold damp weather -it was like a warm blanket and made the dampness go away and the same temperature feel comfortable. At home I hear the weather has been bitter and -10c to -20… so you must think -2c to -5 is heaven, but it goes right through you and feels just as bad as -10c.

Friday we had a snow day! But teachers needed to report… AND there are no buses… things often don’t make sense in China… and this was another to add to the list. The best part was  Friday started out cloudy and then became sunny! I don’t get it, but again this is China the land of confusion, or was that Confucius??? Oh well I was able to catch up on marking and filing things.

This week is a short week again. Wednesday is parent teacher interviews and then Saturday we are off for 12 days for Chinese New Year. We booked a last-minute trip to Puerto Galera, Philippines. It is a relaxing beach holiday and we are looking forward to some RnR and hot weather. We are going for 10 days… 8 days beach and 2 in Manilla (our landing point).

So stay tuned after Feb 11 for more adventures and this time from the Philippines!

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2 thoughts on “Snow in Shanghai

  1. Freda Goulet

    Hi Diana, I loved your description of the snowman with “chicken pox”…I can just see the children loving the snow. That would be me, standing by, observing! I can’t wait for the warmer weather here, and the end of this “g*d*d ” cold and snow!!It is really cold here this weekend…-2F, not C!!
    Have a wonderful time in the Philippines.. the relaxing sun will be wonderful for you both. Take lots of pictures, and we look forward to hearing about your new experience. Where will you be, other than Manilla?
    Aunt Freda

  2. Linda Sams

    Hi there—not much snow here …its certainly been a different winter. January will be over before we know it. Enjoy your trip to the Phillipines and take lots of pics to show us. Have a great trip. Hugs, Linda

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