A Troublesome Surprise

You will notice a new banner at the top of the blog… it is a picture of some flowers, purple orchids (?), that I took at Coco Beach just after a night rain… the flowers were still wet with little drops of moisture, so pretty.

So much happened when we were away… I broke it down into a number of posts… this is the last one about the Philippines. 😦

Well it was our last day and we spent a bit of time walking around the resort and went to the quiet pool. It is located up on the hill overlooking the water and palms. It was cloudy for most of our trip and we had rain a few days -a few hours at a time – which was fine and didn’t hold us back. Our last day was beautiful, only a few puffy white clouds in the sky. The colours just popped… everything was more beautiful if that was possible. The sky was so blue, the water turquoise and the colourful flowers were more brilliant. Did I mention the poinsettia trees? Yes the Christmas flowers… they were all over and way bigger than the plants we’re used to. Many of them were taller than I! They grew in the gardens along the side of the hills at the resort.

The day was hot, so once we were all packed I spent the last bit in the shade on the hammock looking out at the water. I wish we had more time here… The sadness was replaced by joy and surprise as we took the boat back to the mainland.

We boarded a small boat that ferried us out to a larger boat out in the water. We were rocking and rolling, literally, as the waves rocked us front and back. Suddenly the boat came to a  stop and the engine was cut. Our first thought was the boat had broken down and we were only 15 min. from shore. These boats were known for break downs…The capital or someone said dolphin. Just then I spotted a lone dolphin was alongside the boat going from side to side and under it. As quick as it came it was gone, but it was just going to join a whole school, pod…. bunch of dolphins. They were just in front of the boat. We watched them jump out of the water, spin and flip in the air. When we got a bit closer we realised they were mostly little baby dolphins! What an unexpected surprise. It was hard to tell how many, but we figure about 40 or 50! The small group on the boat oohed and aahed each time we saw one do a trick. No trainers here directing them to jump hoops for fish. The captain waited until the dolphins had outrun us before we returned to shore. We had plenty of time to get photos and a short video.

We got back to Manila late afternoon so we checked into our hotel and went to bed early, right after dinner, since we had to get up at 3AM for our early flight. I had trouble falling to sleep… I missed the sound of the waves caressing the shore and the wind gently rustling the palms. When we arrived at the airport we were a bit worried we would miss our flight, even though we were about 3 hours early, when we saw the long lines waiting just to get inside! Luckily the line moved quickly and it was for a security scan —they scan your luggage before entering the airport. We flew back to Hong Kong and connected to Shanghai… the vacation of a lifetime was over, but I had a few days before heading back to school.

Stay tuned for more —next time more about Shanghai

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3 thoughts on “A Troublesome Surprise

  1. Linda Sams

    I love your picture of the orchids Diana–you can see the little beads of water on the petals. Very beautiful. Your trip back to your hotel must have been amazing. To see all those little dolphins and watch them doing there thing. Perhaps you will get back there again before you come home for good. Keep in touch and keep writing. Hugs.

  2. Freda Goulet

    I, too, love your picture. I didn’t realize that you had taken it…beautiful. I have seen poinsettia “trees” growing wild in south Texas and Mexico…so pretty. You will have to go back to The Philippines before you come home…any teaching jobs there? Sure aren’t opening up here. Heard from a principal in Niagara this past week that it would be 8 years and the next huge wave of retirements before jobs open up here. The UK is hiring Canadian teachers…a bit closer to home! Keep up the excellent blogging…say “hello” to John.

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