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It is hard to believe the school year is just over half way finished.  No more big breaks, so it feels like a big steep hill to climb. There are lots of events coming up that will make things very busy, on top of the regular planning and classes.

This Friday (Mar 11) My class is hosting the year 3/4 assembly for character education. It is on Tolerance… tolerance! Not punctuality or patience… but tolerance! It was tough to find some things that were child friendly but we found a few poems, songs and I made a skit. The kids gave me suggestions and drew pictures for me to include in the power point, so it turned out pretty good—if I do say so myself. Now we just have to present it!

Friday I went to the Shanghai Literary Festival opening, a cocktail evening. Every year they have authors come and speak, do workshops and/or present their new books. We had a children’s author come to the school and she was FANTASTIC! Her stories are related to the Chinese Zodiac, rhyme and have some Chinese History in them too. She is a great story-teller and the kids were mesmerized. The cocktail party was down on the Bund, the “place to be” in Shanghai. The view…. the river, the Pearl Tower, all the lights… it was lovely. For about $10 we had entrance fees and the chance to meet authors, unlimited wine (they kept topping it up!) and little hor’derves. It was all western people… probably every English speaker in Shanghai!

There are many authors coming to speak and I don’t know any of them, but I may go to one or two to see what they are all about. A Canadian Author is speaking, but that is Thursday night and I don’t know if I can make it since it is early evening and I will be just getting home from school. With it being rush hour and trying to getting a taxi at that time then drive…  the half hour drive could take well over an hour, so I would miss it. I may go to another children’s author that is speaking next weekend. Just another example of how modern, cultured and world-class Shanghai is!

Not much else to report since we’ve been planning and practicing for this assembly. Stay tuned next week for more and a report on how it went.

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2 thoughts on “Back to Normal

  1. Freda Goulet

    You have a very busy time coming up in the next couple of weeks. Good luck with your presentation…I’m sure you and your class will do an excellent presentation.
    I was just reading this week about a children’s author who lives here in BTFD, but can’t remember her name right now.
    When is your school year finished? Will you have the same grade next year? How much of a summer break is there?
    Woke up to snow this morning…several cms. Not sure that this lot was even forecast!
    Take care, Keep on blogging.
    Hello to John.

  2. Linda Sams

    Hi there….just want to wish you good luck with your presentation. I know that it will all go well. Are you and John coming home over your summer break or will you stay there? We had an ice back up on our roof from all the snow and now the window is leaking!!! I love Cape Breton but not in the winter. Hugs, linda

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