Spring has sprung?


well it looks like spring is the same roller coaster ride it is here as back home. In February we had warm temperatures and the buds and blossoms started to bloom. The temperatures dipped back into the cold dampness only to rebound again. The grass is now starting to sprout and more blossoms and flowers are starting to bloom… their fragrance is intoxicating as it weaves its way through the air.

One thing I noticed when we first arrived was the birds… there were cicadas buzzing to a deafening roar, but no birds chirping.When the cooler weather arrived the birds came too. Well some stayed for the winter, but some very loud and melodic birds came back… in February the singing would wake me up about 4AM. It was a relaxing sound and made me happy since it was a sign of spring. The birds are pretty elusive though, you hear them but rarely see them. There are the same little brown sparrows as home, I also noticed and some black and white birds a bit bigger than a blue jay.

Just like a bad trick the weekdays are warm and sunny and the weekends are cool, damp and bleak… or rainy. I guess the rain will bring more flowers. There is a desperate need for rain as some parts of China, where most of the produce comes from, is in drought conditions. Shanghai has had very little rain since last fall, so it is important for us here too. The rain also clears the skies and the next day the clouds and haze make way to beautiful blue skies, something we take for granted at home, but is rare here.

At home we often talk about “Spring Fever” – especially teachers. Kids want to be outside in the warm sun and they can’t focus on learning. Well they say the same here! My class was really naughty and having trouble listening and following simple directions, and my Chinese teacher said “we call this…. (something in Chinese) and said it means they act crazy with the warm weather.” I had to laugh and say “OH NO! You have it here too!” She laughed because her little ones, year 2 Chinese class, also were acting crazy and talking about being in love 🙂 She said “they are too little, but they are crazy because it is warm weather!” I guess it was a good thing we cooled down again, so the kids could refocus.

Things are still OK here after the Japanese earthquake and tsunami. These were far enough away from us that we were not affected. The latest worry is a world-wide concern with the nuclear issues. The latest reports are saying things are contained to local areas in Japan and everything is OK, but being closely monitored by the government and our international schools here in Shanghai.

Stay tuned…..

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One thought on “Spring has sprung?

  1. Freda Goulet

    Hi Diana, We are having “roller coaster” weather here too, a few warm days, then a cool down. I ran around (outside) on Friday all day in sandals, but yesterday (Sunday) the wind was bitterly cold.
    I used to say that students reminded me of baby animals in the spring warm weather…romping and playing. I think they are so glad to shed their heavy snowsuits that they celebrate in the way they know best.
    Some snow drops and tulips have pushed through the ground, but no green grass yet. Robins are back, and tundra swans have been seen flying north to the arctic. I know your dad is already working on lawn mowers.
    Today is the first day back at school after March break…lots of tired kids today. I’m at Thompson Creek tomorrow…
    I’m glad that you are safe in Shanghai…what a terrible disaster.
    Take care, stay safe. say hello to John.
    Aunt Freda

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