Earth Hour

We celebrated Earth Hour last night here in Shanghai. Surprisingly not many events were going in a such a large city. Some restaurants, that cater to Westerners, were hosting candlelight dinners, but no community events like at home. Some of the landmark buildings pledged to be a part of Earth Hour and went dark. John and I watched as the iconic Pearl Tower, Financial Tower (over 100 floors -) went dark and a few other large buildings and government offices. The skyline from our building that is usually bright as the lights flash and dance in patterns across the sky was eerily dark. Many other buildings closer to our apartment were still lit, which was unfortunate that they did not also join.

Part 2

Spring blues… the weather had warmed up and all the blossoms came out. As quickly as it came it cooled down again and the dampness (from 4 straight days of rain) crept back in. The skies were grey and it was like the winter blahs took over. With no insulation in the houses it is hard to get warm and the lack of sun for about 2 weeks made it depressing. Today the sun is out (2 days in a row) and it is milder. We are heading out to the observation decks (100 floors up) at the Financial Tower shortly. We need to take advantage of a clear sunny day!

One more week then we have a 4 day weekend. John and I decided to escape Shanghai and go to Hong Kong. It is only a 2 hour flight away, so it is easy enough (and cheap enough to fly) to go for a few days. This is our last “big” break before the end of the year. Since Chinese New Year was so early it has been a long stretch to the end of the year.

Probably no blog next weekend since we will be away (unless I can get to a computer). If I can’t write next weekend I will try mid-week, but more likely the following weekend.

So stay tuned for adventures from Hong Kong.


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2 thoughts on “Earth Hour

  1. Freda Goulet

    Hi Diana, It is amazing that Earth Hour is a world wide event. I was in Dunnville with Josh as Garril & Phil were attending a curling banquet. Garril doesn’t like to participate in turning out the lights….she says it could trigger a wide spread black out on the power grid as the lights all come back on, so Josh and I just talked about it. It must have been pretty spectacular to see huge buildings go dark.
    It is still cold here too, but at least the sun is warm and plentiful. No real warm weather until at least April 12, according to the long range. The schools had a “snow ” day last Wednesday…quite a snow storm, the worst of the winter here in BTFD…the only place in the Grand Erie board where the schools remained open…lots of complaining about that!!
    Enjoy Hong Kong…that will be an interesting experience for you both.
    Looking forward to hearing about your visit there.
    Aunt Freda

  2. Linda Sams

    Interesting to hear how big centres handle Earth Hour……we don’t get a feel for it out here in the country. I think they need to turn off the lights and the gadgets to everywhere but perhaps like Freda said about turning them all on at once we could shut it down for a lot longer! I saw a couple of little crocuses trying to peep out of the ground but there is still a lot of snow here. They actually had to close North Mountain in one spot today because of the snow and drifting. I will be glad to see it all gone.
    Your trip to Hong Kong sounds great and we look forward to hearing about. Love to you both, Linda

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