Lost in Frustration

Many things in China don’t work properly and are the cause of many frustrations. Life back home will be so mundane and boring after countless hours of trying to get something to work properly. My biggest frustration is usually the copiers at work. Not only are they out of paper and toner, but functions disappear off the key pads mysteriously and the machine just stops working. Many times you don’t get the correct number of copies and there is no counting feature to know unless you manually count them out. Usually you find out as you give out the student work. This has driven me crazy for months and wastes endless work hours.

This weekend has been crazy for things going wrong. Our TV has been out since Tuesday and the guy never showed when he was supposed to. I finally could call on Saturday and it took me 4 hours before he had his phone on and I could reach him. The guy came (late) and was here 5 minutes before the TV was working again. Soon as he left I lost many of the channels again… ARG! Oh well at least some is better than none -for now. The TV has been going out a lot lately. It seems to be a weekly occurrence. Sometimes it comes back on its own, but other times the signals have changed and the technician needs to come.

I went to do some chores and had a heck of a time! The sink wouldn’t hold water and it took forever to try to wash a few dishes. I finally gave up and used a large bowl instead of the sink. After the fun with the sink I was ironing some shirts and the iron kept turning it self off and leaking water.  Suddenly it poured hot boiling water out at one point which almost burned me and soaked my clothes in the process. I now have shirts with stains from the iron, so they need to be rewashed! Everything takes longer than you anticipate and leads to endless frustrations!

I was brave this weekend and went shopping at the large mall by myself. I walked to the subway (it was sunny and warm) and back. The last time we went to the mall it was a holiday and wall to wall people. I thought it was a result of the holiday, but I guess this is normal or due to the sunny warm day —all the people were out. It seems that each weekend it has been cool, gray or raining and only nice Mon-Fri. Again it was SO crowded. I went into H & M and could barely move never mind look at anything. It was so busy a lady went to take something off a rack and hit me  in the back of the head with the coat hanger and didn’t even acknowledge that she had done so. After that I didn’t stay too much longer. Who knew shopping was SO dangerous?

Stay tuned for more adventures next week…

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One thought on “Lost in Frustration

  1. Freda Goulet

    Hi Diana, You were brave to try shopping by yourself…I can’t imagine such crowded conditions, but then, I only ever shop in Brantford or Dunnville! The university students are writing exams and we see students beside us packing up for another year. I haven’t heard anything about the teaching job situation lately. I can’t imagine that much has changed. Take care…stay safe!
    Aunt Freda

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