Nothing Much

This is one of the first weeks I am not sure what to write about. I have been busy with school and getting ready for another assembly, so nothing too exciting.

The weather here has really started to warm up and memories of the heat and humidity from last August are starting to haunt me. Walking a short distance creates exhaustion and sticky sweaty feelings… it is nice to be warm, but lets ease into things.

This week was Sports Day and the children were divided into 4 colour groups. There were races, games and activities and each child was awarded points for their teams. Each staff was also placed on a team. I was chosen as team Green and nominated as Cheerleader due to my enthusiasm. Our team had K4 to Year3 students participating. They all had a blast and tried their best, but most of all they were having fun. Green team took an early lead and held onto it for the entire day! To finish off the day we had a teacher/student fun run. I said I would participate… even though I am not a runner. I thought it would be a good lesson for my students: to try. I told them how I was always last when I was a kid at school, but each year I would try my best. As luck would have it Green Team won! It was a relay race and I was the third to run. Red was in the lead (and only a few points behind us) and luckily my student runner was fast and she pulled me along. We closed most of the gap and the last runners finished the job and won the race. I was surprised how excited I was… made up for all those years of coming in last maybe.

Stay tuned for more …

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One thought on “Nothing Much

  1. Freda Goulet

    Just proves, Diana, that success comes to those who never give up!! Glad that you all had such a fun day! A great lesson for your students too.
    Aunt Freda

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