One thing that has become popular over the last few years is to treat yourself to pampering and  a day at the spa. It is often an expensive treat which you splurge on rarely. In China it is much less expensive and as popular as a Tim Hortons on every corner! Massage parlours, nail salons and mini day spas are everywhere. We often wonder how they compete and stay in business! Some expats go weekly… I have done the pedicure maybe 4 times since we’ve been here…. still a nice treat.

The hot weather hit about 2 weeks ago, 32c+ and humidity, but has come down to a much more bearable 25-28c. Shorts weather and sandal wearing is now here to stay so I decided it may be best to treat my feet. With the hot weather a pony tail has been my daily hair… so I thought maybe I should go shorter for the hot months. Remember last August when it felt like 50c???

So today John and I had a pamper day… for about $55 we both had haircuts and pedicures! I went for a sparkly pink polish and John just the foot scrub and massage. Although he joked he wanted colour -which sent the ladies into fits of giggles.

Getting your haircut here is a real treat… they really know how to pamper you. First they start off with a shoulder massage. Then the next fellow did my shampoo right in my chair! He gave me  a good scalp massage and worked my hair into a nice lather. Then to rinse they bring you to the sinks where you lay down in easy boy type chairs. It is WAY more comfortable than the awkward chairs we have at home (especially when you are short like me and they just don’t quite fit right). As I was getting my hair cut the other lady worked on my feet. Once she was finished she gave me a very intense foot massage. I wonder how many people fall asleep here? I know I was ready to drift off a few times.

So after a day of pampering and relaxing I am ready for bed and another busy week at school. Hard to believe we are down to about 6 more weeks. My class did their assembly Friday (the 13th) and it went well. Our theme was “Our Favourite Things”. Each child talked about their favourite thing from the year and what they thought my favourite was… most said English since I speak English, or marking homework because I do it everyday! (oh joy oh bliss!) My co-teacher’s favourite is Chinese because she is Chinese and that is all she does… too funny! We had a good laugh 🙂 about what they said. I left them unchanged… let them be honest. We had lots of positive feedback from parents, teachers and even my VP!

So stay tuned to the last few weeks as we wind down a busy year… wow where has the time gone? We’ve been living in CHINA for almost a year! Who would have ever thought this was possible???  Certainly wasn’t anything I thought was ever possible.

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2 thoughts on “Pampering

  1. Freda Goulet

    Hi Diana, Sure wish I lived there so I could go for a pedicure…not easy at my age to bend easily enough to do my own toes!! I love to get pedicures when we go to Texas. Most of the shop owners are Vietnamese and they really do a great job and a pedicure is not expensive….about half the cost of here in BTFD. Ronda and I often go when she comes for a visit to Port A.
    Well, we had a couple of days of HOT weather last week, but is rainy and unseasonably cool this week until Thursday. It rained hard all day yesterday.
    I’m at Thompson Creek tomorrow…my last day to volunteer for this year. The time has gone so quickly. I went to a “Science in the Schools” presentation with Garril & Josh last Tuesday, in Simcoe. It is sponsored by Ontario Power Generation, and the Grand Erie board. I thought it might be something I might like to volunteer to do, but science has never been my strong point…guess I’m too left brained( not technical). Josh won a free workshop for his class, worth $160. He said he was going to negotiate for an A in science (which he usually gets anyway) in exchange for the free work shop! His teacher was thrilled to get the work shop presentation, said there was no money in her class room budget to book one.
    Have talked to your mom and dad this week. We all get so busy!
    Glad to hear that John is back safely…tell him to go for the polish next time!!
    Take care…enjoy the remaining weeks with your class. they sound like a great bunch of kids!

  2. Linda Sams

    Hi there–do you happen to have a spare room I could borrow. It sounds like you had one fantastic day and I think I am ready for some pampering too. We have a gal that cuts hair and does nails. She is from Maryland and she is very well liked in the community. I am glad you guys are enjoying yourselves. Its been raining here everyday since May arrived. Hoping for a little break tomorrow. Take care. Lots of love, Linda

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