Never gets old

OK I’ve talked about odd combinations before and strange things that we have discovered here in China. I hope that these things never ceace to amaze me… it just makes things so interesting and so much more fun here.

This weekend we were in the grocery store and saw microwave popcorn. So what right? Well there was the common butter flavour and a few extras like: salt & pepper, orange, strawberry and the best – chocolate! It made me laugh and think why didn’t I bring my camera?

Next up we were in the freezer section. All the ice cream is out now since it has been consistently hot for the last few weeks. There was the usual Ben & Jerry’s, Chinese brands, Drumsticks… and mini ones that you can eat in 1 bite! They of course have some odd flavours like strawberry cheese… I am hoping they forgot the “cake” and meant cheese cake. That was not the best or most unique flavour we saw… As I walked along the popsicle aisle I saw green popsicles. Lime, even maybe kiwi… NO it was green pea! Really green pea flavour??? Who eats this stuff? Or the bigger question who dreams up these ideas? Yumm I like peas I think it will taste good frozen, mashed and on a stick!

The meat section some times looks more like a pet store than the supermarket. There are large fish in a tank to be bought and taken home for tonight’s dinner. Get ’em fresh and for those of you who like to clean ’em and kill ’em yourself you’re in luck! One night John and I were waiting for the elevator and this gentleman was also waiting… he had a fish in a clear plastic bag. It started to flap around… and then it flipped right out of the bag and onto the floor. John and I looked at each other like what just happened??? The man didn’t notice so we got his attention and pointed to his dinner on the floor. My VP was telling me he went into the men’s bathroom the other day and one of the ayis (cleaners) was gutting and cleaning a fish in the sink!

There are more than just fish in the meat section. Thankfully no pets or live fowl… but the latest addition to the store is turtles, not for pets either. They also have added eels that swim around in a big tub with their heads popping out. But the best are the frogs. They are in a large tub with a net to keep them from jumping away. On my walk from work I see some fishermen with large nets in the river… the river is very shallow, muddy and murky. I wonder what they catch. Maybe it is the fresh creatures at the store! Some older men were sitting by the side of the road the other day with a few large shallow bowls with their fresh catch -turtles.

Stay tuned for more next week.

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4 thoughts on “Never gets old

  1. Linda Sams

    I think i had better stay here in Canada. lol. The meat section did me in. Frozen peas on a stick maybe but nothing hopping around. I don’t know how you do it. I have enough trouble eating the fish here without one jumping around. I love your stories Diana, it really gives us a good feel for the place. Hope you are both keeping well……there is a frost warning for here tonight……oh to see some sunshine. Big hugs, Linda

  2. Freda Goulet

    Hi Diana, I , too, loved this blog…your description of the grocery store is so vivid, I can picture everything! Like Linda, I can’t imaging having your dinner flopping around in a bag on the way home from the store.I can’t imagine eating frozen pea popsicles either…not even for dessert!
    It is 65*F right now on our deck at 2:19 am. It was 85*F here yesterday. Spring…or maybe we have gone from winter directly to summer, with no spring this year.
    Today is “Firecracker” or Victoria Day…we have the Chinese to thank for our firecrackers! Your brother and family are camping at Byng Park in Dunnville this weekend. Garril went to visit them on Saturday.
    Take care, say “HI” to John.
    Aunt Freda

  3. Leslie

    LOL I watch too much Disney. When you talked about that guys fish I thought of ” Let’s have a cub-sandwich. Hey! Did we order this dinner to go? ‘Cuz there it goes!” from Lion King.

    The markets in China could be the biggest ‘culture shock’, I think, for us. I remember my Dad telling us about an outdoor market he went to in China. The stall selling snakes (to eat) was the most unappealing.

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