Plants and Animals

 This week we had a class trip to a local plant market to close off our unit on plants. This is the first time I have been to a market with living things. When we arrived they were closed, although when my year leader called they said they open at 7AM. While we waited we went inside the flower market out back. Just getting close you could smell the sweet fragrance of the many flowers inside. The flower market contained cut flowers in many colours and varieties. You could purchase them in bunches wrapped in plastic or in vases. They also had many wreathes and shapes… the cutest was a little basket of “puppies” made of carnations.

By now the plant market was open so we went inside to find everything from garden flowers, house plants, trees, cactus even bonsai and exotic plants like orchids and pitcher plants. That wasn’t as popular as the animals for sale though. The group I had were more interested in seeing the bunnies, fish and birds. After buying many varieties of plants (they are really cheap) the kids all loaded back on the bus to school.

John and I went back on Saturday and had more time to explore. We wandered through and ended up in the animal section.  Today there were more critters out on display than Monday when were went with the school. There are a lot of fish shops where the tanks and small dish pans are loaded full of goldfish as well as a few other varieties. We also saw dish pans full of a variety of sizes of turtles and small critters. Not sure if they were mice without tails or dwarf hamsters. Maybe they were hamsters since they also had patterns and different colours. Budgies, cockatoos and love birds were chirping away in cages too. As we turned a corner we heard distressed kitten meowing and I saw 4 little kittens in a cage. The meowing continued, but as I looked  none of the cats appeared to be the one making the noise. I happened to notice that someone had purchased a cat and the meowing wasn’t coming from a pet carrier or small box, but a thick, black plastic bag! The shop keeper had placed the kitten in this bag and it was trying to escape. It did a few times, so they tied the top of the bag to keep it inside! The kitten was now freaking out and moving frantically around in the bag… reminded me of the Chevy Chase movie Christmas Vacation where the crazy aunt wraps her cat as a gift. The people were also buying the cat a bag of food and litter, so obviously it was for a pet, but they had no idea how to hold it. John was thinking maybe it was a meal which is something I am not ready to accept or see. I tried to get their attention to show them how to hold it, but not speaking Chinese and them being surrounded by other locals interested in the kittens, I couldn’t get close enough to show them. In a flash they quickly turned and were gone outside holding their purchases and the poor cat in a plastic bag being held like a sack of groceries by the handles, not cuddled or supported! My biggest concern was how is the cat getting air? I hope they live close!

We purchased a few cut flowers and a small bouquet of jasmine… which smells lovely. The jasmine was in a small container wrapped in a palm leaf -so simple, but yet so elegant. We may go back again today because we wanted to get a few planters for our patio and didn’t have room to carry them home yesterday. I also wanted to get some photos but only realized my battery was dead once I was there.

Another new experience… this was nothing compared to some of the other animal markets I hear.

Stay tuned for more next week…

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5 thoughts on “Plants and Animals

  1. Leslie

    Wish you could capture the scent of the flowers and send it to us. But then again there are some things that you’ve told us about that I’m quite happy to just read about!!

    • Once we got to the animal section you would not have been as happy with “smell-o-vision”. Remember they tried that… scratch and sniff TV??? With the warmer weather comes new smells… the blossoms, flowers and sewer! Not all the time, but certain places you walk you get a horrible whiff. Maybe that is why so many locals wear those fashionable surgical masks!

  2. Freda Goulet

    I keep thinking about the kitten…I hope it made it home ok! Loving fresh flowers the way I do, I would enjoy exploring the flower market. I haven’t planted flowers on our deck for the past two years…the squirrels kept digging them up faster than I could plant them, and I tried everything many people suggested to deter them. Nothing worked. I decided to try again a couple of weeks ago as there didn’t seem to be as many squirrels about this spring. All was great, no squirrels, but the flowers kept disappearing, just the tops. I soon saw big, black birds swooping down to feast on my pansies!! Jack says I’m not meant to plant flowers on our deck! I guess the answer is either plastic flowers(NOT!) or cut flowers inside!
    Take care, enjoy these last few days with your class.
    Aunt Freda

    • Hmmm wonder what the birds are doing with the pansies? Maybe they feel threatened by those ‘critters’ staring at me with one eye????!!!!

  3. Freda Goulet

    I think it is a very artistic black bird who is decorating her nest to attract a male….or is it the other way around in today’s world?? Whatever…it’s for the birds as far as I’m concerned!

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