Extended Visit

Hello All,

Well we have been enjoying the warm (not sweltering) temps, blue sky, fresh air and “being Canadian” over the last few weeks. We have been able to visit friends and family, catch up with things and hang out. We’ve enjoyed our Swiss Chalet, ice cream, Tim Horton’s coffee and understanding (and able to communicate) with everything we hear. Since we have been home we went up to John’s dad’s trailer and enjoyed the scenery, pine scented air and relaxing. John did some fishing and caught (and released) a few fish. He also did some squirrel fishing! He tied a peanut on his fishing pole and they would come after it. Once they had it they would try to run off and John would pull them back in. They figured it out pretty fast and chewed the line and would get the peanut every time. It was entertaining to watch though.

We also made a trip out to Chatham to catch up with a university friend. Chatham is not that exciting, but we went to a cool used bookstore. I was able to get a few books for reading over the year, in China.

Tomorrow (Wed.) was our day to go back, but we have extended our stay. John is having some stomach pain and wants to have it checked out here before heading back. We were returning early because he had to work, so he has asked for some extra time off. We should know more by the end of the week, but we plan on staying for another few weeks anyway.

Stay tuned….

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One thought on “Extended Visit

  1. Freda Goulet

    It was great to see you and John. Enjoy the rest of your time here…soak up the fresh air and sunshine. Dunnville isn’t that far if you feel like exploring out that way one Tues., Wed., or Thursday. I hope John finds that his health woes aren’t anything serious.
    Aunt Freda

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