Random Acts of Kindness

To follow-up from my last post I must say my faith in humanity has been restored. Things were not going well as people were rude, and so “un-Canadian”. It is nice to see the world make itself right again.

After the last post the very next day I received my first random act of kindness. I was in line at Star Bucks and my order came to .06c so instead of breaking a bill I called to John and asked him to bring me some change and the lady in line behind me was right away fishing into her wallet to give me a dime 🙂 I couldn’t believe it. John came over, so I did not need her change,  but still I could not thank her enough.

Many other incidents of people holding open doors, letting you go ahead of them in line also occurred. People were polite, no one was pushing to go ahead and even people helped save us money. I needed to fill a prescription and the cashier asked if I had a drug plan. I had to say NO since my work plan does not cover North America, so she said you can buy it over the counter for 1/2 or 1/3 of the price. I thanked her and asked where I could find it in the store and she said “Oh I’ll just give you this one!”. Wow she could have said nothing and I would have had to pay more money without even knowing. I also was astounded by the initiative since so few people take it anymore, especially in China. I guess I am accustomed to the yes/no answers and not expecting more.  The natural order was restored!

Not much else has been going on -just avoiding the heat and staying in the air conditioning as much as possible. My slight tan has started to fade as I hide indoors instead of sweating into a pool of sweat and trying to bear the heat. Oh well catching up on TV and reading is always a good way to spend the hot days and recharge before another busy school year.

Stay tuned for more…

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One thought on “Random Acts of Kindness

  1. Freda Goulet

    Happy to hear that you have met some kind people…there are lots of them around even tho it doesn’t always seem like there are. I’m amazed that many people don’t say “thanks’ when a door is held for them…Guess everyone is wrapped up in his own little world.
    It has been a very hot summer, and August supposedly will be the same. It has been nice this week to get some rain, to refresh mother earth.
    When are you heading back to China? Take care, stay well.
    Aunt Freda
    PS I hope John is feeling better.

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