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Well I think I officially have made it! I think back to a year ago when I was afraid to cross the street and then by Christmas graduated to getting on the back of John’s bike to a year later getting my own! Last weekend I went and bought an electric bicycle… like a moped. I said I would never drive anywhere, but after many busy nights at school and walking home I decided it would be worth a try. After a long, busy day at school and being on your feet I am not always up for the walk. Not to mention being eaten alive by mosquitos! This has been a wet summer and the mosquitos are out in full force. I am covered in large red bumps that itch like crazy. My walk home is along a very pretty tree-lined street with bushes to separate the road from the sidewalk… a haven for the little pests. The little darlings love me and the mosquito repellant is not a deterrent and sometimes makes me break out in a rash. Even when the mosquitos are gone for the season the walk was going to be a chore. This year the school provided us all with mac laptop computers that are lovely, but heavy. Dragging the extra weight home each night just made the small task of walking feel like an insurmountable climb up a steep hill (both ways!) Hee hee.

So with my new-found ‘braveness’ I purchased a bright robin egg blue bike. It is smaller than most and doesn’t go all that fast, but it gets me to school or home in less than half the time. My drive is along a quiet street, so I feel OK driving here since it is not as chaotic. Crossing the road can be a chore though as I have a green light and since it is a major road the cars must stop, but the bikes, motorcycles and mopeds ignore the light and keep going. My size and horn does not trump them… it seems to be all about size of vehicle and decibel level of horn that gets the right of way! If I leave early enough or hit the light at the right time this is not an issue.

Now each day I can feel the wind in my hair and the freedom of the open road. The one thing I did not miss was driving last year. I thought it was due to the chaos on the streets here, but even at home this summer I hated driving. Seems I spent more time in a car than anything else. People at home are also starting to ignore speed and traffic postings and I rather enjoyed not having to worry about the road and have someone else take me to where I needed to go. Now that I have wheels once again I enjoy the freedom of leaving when I am ready and not rushing to catch the bus. It is also nice to take a run out to see John at work and not have to worry about catching a taxi or communicating where to go… I just can’t seem to say the street names correctly.

Helmets are rarely worn here and hard to find. I did manage to find a bike helmet on the weekend and a bright neon green jacket with reflective tape to wear… maybe my bike is small, and my horn pathetic, but I will assault your eyes with my neon acid green, so look out! I am going to look SO fashionable! It will look SO lovely with my teacher wardrobe of dresses, skirts and dress pants. Maybe I should have found something that would have matched better with my bike…. ya like that would make it me look better 😉

The locals love the colour of my bike. I think that is what they are saying when they see me. Or maybe they are laughing and pointing at the funny white girl driving the bright blue bike… a local would never drive such a colour! I don’t have a picture, but I’ll have to get some of me riding and send them along soon.

To quote Steppenwolf  “So get your motor running….. head out on the highway… looking for adventure…. in whatever comes our way…” Oh yes who would have thought that I was born to be wild.

Stay tuned for more from the newest biker chick…..

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4 thoughts on “Newest Biker Chick

  1. Leslie

    ROTFL Oh my! I don’t need a photo I can see it all in my mind. =D

  2. Freda Goulet

    Diana, I love this blog…I, too, can picture you on your way to school on your bike. Can’t wait to see a pic!
    Enjoy your new role as “Biker Chick”…you will have to bring it home and ride in a Friday 13th parade in Port Dover!!

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