Settling in or Just Settled?

As I think about what to write this week I am somewhat at a loss. What weird and strange adventure can I tell you about? Nothing really stands out this week and I am starting to wonder have I become settled and the strange everyday occurrences are just common place and normal? Or is it me just too busy at school and settling into work and routines? Maybe a little of both?

This week we were lucky to have a week of 3 3’s! We had 3 days off, worked 3 days and then another 3 day weekend. I could get used to this! The 3 day weekend was not for a holiday, but due to our school hosting a big conference. They needed some of the classrooms and other school space, so the staff and students were able to have the day off.

I guess I am lucky since my room was picked as one of the classrooms… does that mean my room was one of the best looking? They kept talking about ‘showcasing’ the school.  I think I should take it that way 🙂 Besides my literacy teacher from teacher’s college would be very proud as I used many of her ideas. I think my room is very nice and I even had a parent notice and take the time to comment on it during parent night. Unfortunately for this weekend many of my things were covered up with chart paper and posters for the workshop… oh well.

Friday was an added bonus and nice to have off when it is not a national holiday. It was still very busy and crowded, but could have been double or triple the amount. With over 25 million in a city they have to go somewhere! Friday we had a girls day and a few of us went out to lunch and then for some pampering. I had a manicure and the others pedicures. After we went for dessert… When I came home I decided to go for a massage. Originally I thought I would go Saturday, but decided maybe today was better since it was not a holiday. I only went once before and it was a prize I had won. I heard good things about this place 5 minutes walk from here, so I decided to try it. How can you go wrong when it is less than $15 for a massage? It was very intense and the next day I felt like I had a workout rather than a massage. Massages are not the relaxing kind we wish for, but more of a deep tissue massage. It did certainly work out some of the kinks and knots in my muscles from all the sitting, standing and carrying heavy books though! It takes a day or two before you can really appreciate it. Maybe I should learn how to say “softer” or “relaxing” for the next time I go!

Friday morning the apartment was a ‘buzz’ of activity. Our air conditioner stopped working and was just blowing air… it has been hot and humid, more like the August weather we had last year, so it needed to get fixed. Since I was off Friday I booked the AC guys in. They were here trying to find the problem and refill the unit. I found out the guy from school who deals with our apartment maintenance can also help find an Ayi (a cleaner). We had one last year and she wasn’t very good and thank goodness she quit… and we never bothered finding another. I thought it was a good chance to ask again since John and I are both working. They are cheap and a big help! We have hardwood floors and just to help keep on top of the sweeping and dusting alone is worth it. The fellow from school called to be sure the AC guys arrived and I asked about an Ayi and said he would send someone right over. A lady came to the door and I showed her in and started to show her what I wanted her to do. We went into the kitchen first. She spotted Holly’s dishes and gasped and ran out to the hall… out of the apartment! Now the men had scared Holly and she was hiding out under the bed, but as luck would have it she was drawn to the poor woman. I swear cats DO have a 6th sense when it comes to people who dislike animals. Well the lady peeked back in and saw Holly, screamed and slammed the door. She was frantic and flustered as she tried to call the guy from school to have him translate that she WOULD NOT work for us. I spoke to him and he apologized as he forgot we had a cat and this lady is afraid of cats and dogs, as many Chinese are. She finally opened the door and was asking about the cat and I assured her she was in the kitchen and I closed the door. Well the door wasn’t tight and Holly comes out and the lady screamed an ran to the hall, again! The AC guys are looking to see what all the commotion is about. I could just imagine what this looked like and tried SO hard not to laugh.  AM I on some reality show?, did Canid Camera make a come back and I don’t know about it? You just CAN’T make this stuff up. Well finally she opened the door again after she gathered her wits about her and apologized with her broken English and said ‘no boushy’ which I assume is “no cat” and left. Now they need to see if they can find me another Ayi who is not afraid of animals.

As Leslie says these things only happen to me! A lady at work made the same observation and said how do these things always happen to you? I don’t know I am just a magnet for the strange, crazy and bizarre. I guess the week wasn’t as bland as I thought… always an adventure.

Stay tuned for more ‘crazy’ adventures from China…

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4 thoughts on “Settling in or Just Settled?

  1. Leslie

    LOL Holly! of all cats to be afraid of. She looks so cuddly and sweet. Bet Holly is still laughing that someone is afraid of her.
    Of coarse your room was picked! You’ve always had a flair for creating a visually creative wall =)

    • I know and Holly lost weight and with the ‘fur cut’ looks no bigger than a mouse! I tried to show the lady but she was too freaked out. Holly was probably laughing as she came right at the lady not once but TWICE!

  2. Freda Goulet

    That is too funny! Poor Holly must be still wondering about the “Crazy Lady”! I hear John is back in Canada…hope he gets to the bottom of his health problems.
    I hope your school year is off to a great start.

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