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I was going to post this weekend, but got into report cards and was on a roll. By the time I was done I was brain-dead and not thinking creatively enough to post. Now I have a better reason to post. I am off this week for holidays and we thought about a short day trip around the city. Instead I did a search on the internet and booked a trip to Xi’an. For those of you who don’t know the city name maybe this will ‘ring a bell’…. the terracotta warriors. About 30 years ago some farmers found an under ground tomb of a Chinese Emperor and he had thousands of terracotta warriors protecting him. Some of these were just on display at the ROM in Toronto. It is a short plane ride away and a destination we can do in a short time. There are other traditional buildings, temples and walls (old walled city) to see too, but the main attraction is the warriors. We thought about Beijing and the wall, but with it being the national holiday it probably will be extremely busy. The Chinese will travel to larger centres and see major attractions and the wall, I am told is extra busy. I am hoping this is not as busy!

We leave early Wednesday and back Saturday. I will post when I have a chance, about our adventures, hopefully next weekend before heading back to work. This will be exciting since it will be the first city and major world known attraction we will see since we have been living here. Next biggie to do is the Great Wall of course!

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3 thoughts on “More to Come

  1. Freda Goulet

    Have fun…take lots of pics. The closest I will get to “The Great Wall” is the sketch on the outside wall of the Oriental Restaurant in Brantford.

  2. Leslie

    Sounds amazing. It has to be so cool to just be there. I remember the thousands of photos my Dad showed us of the Wall. Our winter project this year is to sort through all of Dad’s slides. We’ll put the China trip (a 2hr photo presentation) on disc for you. The photos were taken at a time where my Dad wasn’t allowed out of his hotel room after 8pm at night.

    • That would be great… thanks. The warriors were amazing will write more later. Can’t wait to do the wall… maybe on our spring holiday.

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