Chill in the Air

Seasons are changing back home and you have probably already pulled out some of the winter woolies and turned on the heat. Seasons change here and they turn quickly, no slow cool down just a fast change as if someone turned a switch. It seems that it has happened this week. We went from comfortable 20’s to damp cool and cloudy days. A nice sunny day turned cold and people were caught off guard wearing short sleeves and shorts! This year has been cooler all around. No 50c temps to deal with and a lot of rain. Last year I think  days were comfortable into November and the damp chill didn’t happen until closer to December.

A damp chill and fog has hung in the air and chills you to the bone. It is days like these where I like to snuggle on the couch and watch a movie or read a good book. The air is too cold to lure me outside. The thermometer says 18 or 20c, but it feels much cooler as a dampness seeps in to every essence and all you want is a big, warm, fuzzy sweater and blanket. I daydream about warmer days and hope more warm days will return before the cold takes hold and settles into a new season.

All this coldness and smell of leaves makes me think of home more than any other time of year. I miss the beautiful colours and the sound of leaves as they swish under my feet. I miss taking a day to hike along the Bruce Trail with my camera taking photos of the colours, falling leaves,  and landscapes while the peaceful quiet of nature, smell of leaves and damp earth fill my senses with a feeling of comfort and security. Fall is definitely my favourite season. This surprises me since I hate the cold and winter and that is what comes next… but I love the colours, the freshness of the air and the way the sky looks bluer in contrast to the bright yellows and oranges of the leaves.

I miss apple cider, pumpkin pie and the fall craft shows. Here fall is not something to revel in as leaves fall, but do not make a brilliant change to light up the autumn sky. A few random leaves turn an orange, but most fall green or just die and turn brown. There is no Halloween and laughter as children parade in costume and dress up. For one day to be anything you want is such a great childhood dream come true. Halloween is still celebrated here and more and more shops are selling decorations and costumes, after all they are all manufactured here! Unfortunately my school does not celebrate and we miss out. I miss Halloween…

Friday my class performed an assembly on Loyalty. I was worried about it since I didn’t include a Powerpoint, technology or anything else fancy. I looked for weeks for ideas and then did something quite simple that was suggested in the “Character Education” booklet as a class activity. Well it turned out to be a big hit. Parents and teachers alike gave us many compliments 🙂 Felt good. We spoke about being loyal to our countries and some of the children dressed in traditional dress from their home countries. I had American children in jeans and t-shirts and German boys in liderhausen! It was awesome! I had a girl in an embroidered Indian dress and another in a Japanese Kimono. I was very proud of them… they did really well and worked so hard. It helped me miss my old class a little less and embrace the new one more.

Fall is a time of change and a good-bye to summer. It reminds me of all the things I miss and I become a little homesick. No other time of year seems to stir up the same feelings and emotions. So take a walk in the chill and swish the leaves beneath your feet. Look up at all the fall colours and the bright blue sky. Then snuggle up and have an apple cider and bite of pumpkin pie and revel in it, and have an extra one and think of me!

Stay tuned for more…




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5 thoughts on “Chill in the Air

  1. Amy

    Hi Diana,

    Thinking of you! Wishing I could send you some Swiss Chalet and Tim Horton’s! Kate and Scott are excited about Halloween. Kate decided that she wanted to be a witch and Marc (the expert witch) went shopping and purchased all the accoutrements! Scottie is going to be a vampire. You would think with all my sewing experience I could whip up some great costumes. Simply no time! My return to work has been and still is a monumental challenge. I just take it day by day.

    • You will have to send pictures of the kids dressed up. Swiss Chalet and Tim Hortons would go really good right about now! Happy Halloween.

  2. Leslie

    We had snow for the first time on Thursday. The kids at school thought Mother Nature got her dates mixed up…no snow for Halloween!! Halloween crept up on us… We’ve been celebrating Kaylee’s 13th and forgot to carve pumpkins this year! She dressed up as a dark fairie and Josh is Indiana Jones. When you talked about the kids and Halloween it reminded me… I was bummed about being outside to supervise when it was cold and snowy… but I quickly realized I would have missed the magic of the first snow.. and the giggles.
    Take care. Miss you tons.

    • Hey there, Many of my class are still talking about the snow from last year! But as with everything the things we have we take them for granted.

      Oh my Kaylee is 13!!! Where did the time go??? And I miss yet another birthday 😦 One more thing to add to my list of things to miss. Miss you guys too!

  3. Freda Goulet

    Hi Diana, I too, love the brilliant blue of the autumn sky, and the colors, but because it reminds me that winter is next, I can’t embrace autumn fully. The older I get, the more I dislike being cold. I love spring best, when the warmth of the sun returns, and everything awakens. I look forward to seeing the first forsythia bush in full bloom. I’m spending the month of February and part of March in Texas…I miss Ronda, being so far away….but it has its advantages!!
    Congrats to you and your class on what sounds like an excellent presentation.

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