I hope this works. All weekend I have had trouble with the internet. The connection is slower than normal (and that is slow) and web pages come up blank. Not to mention that I somehow keep dropping the connection. It has been a very frustrating weekend as I have tried to do what most of you take for granted. OK here it goes…

Sometimes funny things happen here and I often write about the sights and sounds of our everyday life. It often raises questions… as I rode the subway this weekend, in a packed car with standing room only, my mind began to wander.

1. Many of you have asked me… what is Chinese food called in China? Well food of course! It does make me wonder though because I have not seen a chicken ball, egg roll or any other deep fried breaded piece of meat on a menu. How did Chinese food from a very healthy culture turn into deep fried, breaded balls of goo for us Westerners? Is this some kind of sick joke to clog our arteries?

2. What isn’t made in China? The things we buy at home more often than not have the Made in China label. Many of these things are not for sale here, only made for export. Is there anything that is NOT made here?

3. This week we went from the cold, damp autumn weather to a warm, sticky humid climate over night. At home we call this last take of summer “Indian Summer”. What do we call in China? Can we have Indian Summer in China?

4. Why do subway and bus drivers ride the breaks and jolt the passengers? My theory is to squeeze a few extra passengers on! In Xi’an I was floating in a crowd of people and had nothing to hold onto and barely a toe hold on the floor. The bus was over capacity, but he kept making all the stops and letting more people on! OK hang on we’re hitting the breaks again I see a few more at the next stop.

5. A fashion trend with young people here is wearing the big Ray Ban frames (think Tom Cruise in Risky Business), but they wear them without lenses. Many Chinese wear glasses… I would say the majority do. So do these young people wear contacts? What would the point be then? What is the thought process here? I need glasses, but I want to wear contacts to be cool, only to wear frames with no lenses? Am I getting too old to get fashion?

6. Last but not least…. What does Chinese Graffiti look like? If I saw it would I even know? Or is it just words saying “Keep off the Grass” (Or in Chinglish No walk on Grass), “No Dabble in the Water”, or “No Spitting”….?

Stay tuned for more 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Questions

  1. Leslie

    LOL Josh and his friends all keep the 3D glasses from the movies..pop out the lens and wear them. They look like the thick black ‘geek’ glasses of the 60’s. Some odd things appear to be world wide =)

    • Tell him here those 3D glasses cost 100 RMB deposit (about $15)!!! I guess you get your money back if you return the glasses after the movie. Now it makes senses why they charge the deposit or even MORE people would be wearing them…???

  2. Freda Goulet

    Interesting thoughts…I have wondered if you have seen products in China that were made in The USA or Canada…I kind of doubt it! I thought maybe maple syrup….

    • We do have imported products… maple syrup is like maple gold and just as expensive!

      A few grocery shops cater to westerners and sell things from the US and Germany…

      The locals like Western things -especially designer name brands. They have all the copies, but now they want the real thing. iPhone, Gucci and Louis Vutton… HUGE status symbol to have the real deal.

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