We’ll Be Home for Christmas

We’ll be home for Christmas. In about 2 weeks time we will be home for the holidays. Looking forward to the break because work has been crazy busy. We are working on the Christmas concert, report cards and it is my turn for planning. All this and no prep as we are practicing for the concert!

It really cooled down and this time I think for good. Mid week we were wearing light jackets and some days no coat at all! We even had a few days around 23*c! It dropped and it dropped fast. It has been about 6-11*c and damp. Winter has decided to arrive and this year it is a bit early. Our heater stopped working. We had problems with it in the hot weather and they recharged it a few times. Well now I guess it is completely gone, so it needs to be replaced. Hopefully tomorrow it will be all sorted out before it gets any colder.

I have many ideas to write about, but not enough time to write them. I wanted to be sure to post something for all of you who check regularly. Thank you for taking the time to check and read my rants and raves every week. Hopefully next weekend I will have more time to post something.

Stay tuned for more…

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One thought on “We’ll Be Home for Christmas

  1. Freda Goulet

    Diana, So good to hear that you will be home for Christmas. Travel safely.
    I enjoy reading your blog each week. I have learned more about China since you have been there than ever before. It is fun to learn through your experiences.
    Good luck with all you have to do in the next couple of weeks….you will do a great job!

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