Celebrity Sightings

This week in Shanghai I have seen Elvis and Santa Claus then heard Shania Twain and Josh Grobin! How is this possible you wonder? Well I have connections here in Shanghai.

Actually it was Elfvis… and it was one of our school Christmas Musical Productions. The school puts on quite the performance and we have live music, a large stage set up and lights! Quite professional. Our VP and another administrator played electric guitar while the one music teacher played piano and the other played the trumpet. The last music teacher’s son played the drums. We had spot lights, flashing lights and more.

Our Year 3 classes did the “First Christmas Story” about Jesus. It was OK with mellow songs. My class’ song went on forever and ever… It was a short play and each class performed 1 song and we all did the first and last song. The year 4 musical was more ‘rock and roll’ based on Elvis songs. It was really good -about friendship and working together. The songs were upbeat and fun. The little guy who played Elfvis did an awesome job. My class was jealous and they loved the music and now all the boys want to be Elfvis next year.

Santa of course had to come to the concerts. The kids who had brothers and sisters came to the concert the night before and told me the “Real Santa” came to THEIR concert. This night one of the teachers was doing Santa and the kids knew right away it was him. Again the kids said that the night before was the real one. I happen to have an in with Santa this year and I hear he had to get his sleigh fixed. On his way home he decided to stop into Shanghai to get some dumplings and put on some Christmas weight!

Friday was our work party and that is where I heard Josh Grobin and Shania Twain. We always have a talent part of the evening and the first one up said she loves country music and would sing Shania Twain. I was worried it would be like a bad karaoke night, but she was awesome. Without looking you thought she really was Shania! The fellow that did Josh Grobin sis pretty well too.

Its things like this that make me appreciate where I am and what I experience. The talent with all those around you are pretty amazing.

I may miss writing next weekend as we will be packing, and in transit back home. I still have reports to finish and other school things, so all the packing and getting ready will have to get done Saturday and Sunday before we leave.

Stay tuned as the next blog may be from Canada Eh!

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4 thoughts on “Celebrity Sightings

  1. Freda Goulet

    Sounds like a lot of great fun! Could feel the excitement of the little kids! I have always loved anything to do with Christmas, especially the music that we hear for such a short time, once a year. Can you believe that people have been writing letters to the editor of our local paper complaining that our local radio station is playing too many carols, too early! What Grinches! Josh’s Christmas concert is this week…am looking forward to that. Having taught for so many years I can think of several hilarious happenings at Christmas concerts over the years…priceless memories!
    Travel safely, hopefully we may see each other while you are home.

  2. Linda Sams

    Your Christmas concert sounds awesome, Diana. Madelyn is having one on Wednesday of this week and on Monday they are served a full Christmas dinner at the cafeteria! Thanks so much for sending me the blog….not sure how I lost it. Hope you and John have a safe journey home and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Linda

  3. Leslie

    It sounds so magical ! If you’re chatting with Santa again ask him to bring me some of those dumplings!

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