Christmas Memories

We made it – a little tired, a little sick, but we are home for the holidays.

After a long flight we made it into Toronto and back on Canadian soil. The song “We’ll Be Home for Christmas” rings through my mind. It would have been perfect with s beautiful white blanket of snow and scent of pine! Looking around we were somewhat disappointed with a cool drizzle and few Christmas lights and brown grass in the darkness.

Christmas is a time of memories and family. Tonight we plan on making dinner for my brother and the boys and then helping them decorate the tree. We should put on some carols and a Christmas classic movie and it will be all set! Just like a scene from a movie.

What are your Christmas memories? I always remember the movie classics that were the height of anticipation (especially when you could stay up a little past your bed time to watch them). It was always exciting to watch them even when you had already watched the same one year after year… this of course was the time before internet and DVDs. My favourites were Frosty, Rudolph, Santa Claus is Coming to Town, the Grinch and of course Charlie Brown. This year I brought the DVDs to school and the kids where in awe. Many of them had never seen the movies before and it made me realize what a huge part of my childhood and culture they were. They each had a good message to build better character… something we seem to miss in the new Christmas Specials. They enjoyed the books as much as the movies.

Other memories were of going to see Santa at the mall or parade, lots of snow, sledding and hot chocolate to warm you up later. Stockings, the pathetic fake tree, wrapping gifts and not wanting to go to bed Christmas eve. The excitement of all the gifts under the tree… seeing what Santa brought and hoping there wasn’t a lump of coal in my sock! Then there was the one year, when I wasn’t sure if there was a Santa, but seeing what I was sure was reindeer hoof marks on the neighbours roof top! My belief and faith restored.

Christmas feels like a magical time of innocence, hopes, dreams, laughter, good smells and when anything is possible. Times when people are happier and more generous. If only the feeling could last longer than a day… and hopefully the newest toy, limited quantities and stress don’t get the better of people.

Merry Christmas to you and your families. All the best for 2012. May your year be filled with happiness and love and the generous spirit of giving. Stay tuned for more next year from the Canadian Travel bugs…

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One thought on “Christmas Memories

  1. Freda Goulet

    Hi Diana, Good to hear that you are home safely. You have a few days to rest before the big day …sounds as if you need that.
    No snow…and everything is such a drab brown. On the positive side, driving will be much safer for all the travelers. It will seem different without JoAnne this year…Jim has invited us for Christmas night, as always. We will see you all then.
    Aunt Freda

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