Drama with your Mama

Sorry I haven’t written in a few weeks. Few reasons… the main being my ability to post. I can’t access blogs here and I have a special program to do so, and when I use it our internet gets shut down. Our TV is also through this system, so for a few minutes of posting we lose the internet and TV, sometimes for hours. I thought if I held off for a while I may be able to use it again without issue. We’ll see today is the test.

Work has been busy and not much going on, so another reason I haven’t posted. Not too much to write about. Lastly I have been avoiding some family drama.

Talking to a friend about the holidays and how much she missed her dad, as he died only a year ago made me realise how important time together is. The family drama and silly arguments are a waste of time. One day someone won’t be there and the empty chair at the table  will cause heartache and sadness in  a time that should be happy and about being together. John and I tried hard to make Christmas special and spent a lot of money to come home only to have to witness silly arguments and issues that left us feeling angry, upset or betrayed. We are trying hard to focus on the good that happened and spending time with family, catching up with people, the excitement of Jesse and Joey on Christmas morning and a fantastic meal that chef John :0) cooked for us again.

My last post was written at the airport in Toronto and I wondered how we would celebrate the New Year in the air. Sparkling wine at midnight? Numerous times as we crossed many time zones? Well that was a disappointment as NO mention of the New Year on any time zone or at any time. OK midnight in Canada was like 4AM local time as we were somewhere over Russia or Northern Europe, but I thought at least at breakfast, or when we landed. NOPE, nada. What a disappointment… no acknowledgement at all. Just an ordianry day. A few people and I have laughed about it and they said “What airline was it?” “Oh there is your answer right there!”.  Another said she would have gotten out of her seat and started yelling “Happy New Year” anyway! I believe it! She is full of excitement and energy!

To make up for the loss of New Year we celebrated Chinese New Year. We had hoped to go away somewhere warm, but flights were super expensive and when we found a cheaper flight it was cancelled. No reason, just cancelled. This is China after all… just accept it, no explanation needed other than … this is China. I wonder if it was a ploy as they had another available flight for double the price. The cheaper flight was still available on-line, but when you went to pay (we called to make arrangements since we do not hold a local credit card, so we need to pay on the phone) it was sold out. The low price got your attention, and some may pay it since they had hotels etc. all booked. We looked for hours and finally gave up. Our first Chinese New Year in China!

So stay tuned for more… Next up Chinese New Year Celebrations….

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4 thoughts on “Drama with your Mama

  1. Leslie

    I guess New Year’s Eve / day is like any other day… it is what you make it. And yes, knowing “that seat” will be forever empty gives you cause to make the best of every day.
    I will always be surprised by people who fail to realize the impact their arguments/actions have. Its sad how many of life’s moments people take away by not thinking.
    So back to what I was trying for… we all should be that person who stands up and yells “Happy New Year!” Celebrate life’s moments. ❤

  2. Freda Goulet

    Today Jack and I are going to a visitation for a dear friend who got sick and passed away very quickly on Tuesday morning. I visited her in hospital on Saturday…very difficult to do, but I’m glad I went. It makes one realize how fragile life’s hold is…one minute healthy, the next dying. You are so right, Diana, life is much , much too short for petty arguments and conflicts. I think we must realize that people who act this way are very, very unhappy people who have no idea how to enjoy life and be happy!. My philosophy is to find something good to celebrate in every person, every situation. I also say thank you every single day for the blessings in my life.
    I’m sorry that i didn’t see you and John when you were here at Christmas time…next time for sure.
    I’ve seen news clips of fireworks in China celebrating the Year of the Dragon…most impressive.
    Enjoy your time off, even tho you couldn’t get away.

  3. Linda Sams

    Hi Diana…..I was sorry to hear that things didn’t go well for you and John at Christmas time……you are right…..it is an important time for family to be together and to celebrate the good things that life has given them. Unfortunately, not everyone feels or acts like we want them to sometimes. Your line about the empty chair brings to mind that today in our little community we have lost one of the oldest ladies in the village…..a lady through and through but she could swear like the best of them. Always a twinkle in her eye and kindness for everyone she met. Don’t let what happened bring you down…..keep smiling and realize that there isn’t anything you can do that will change anything that took place. Be happy and do what makes you and John happy. Big hugs, Lind

    • It was a bit disappointing when family can’t all be together.

      Then the other issue when someone tries to stir up trouble… I am guessing because they were not the centre of attention. It upset mom put a damper on the evening. We were all there to be together and for Jim and the boys, but I guess they didn’t understand that part. We were not trying to be mean and not include them, just wanted to make it special for the boys and in doing so they felt left out.

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