A Travllers Bucket List

Last week Leslie commented on where she would like to go… her must do travel list, or a bucket list of things to do in her lifetime. I thought it would be a great idea for a post so here it goes…

Long before the movie the “Bucket List” ever came out I made a list of places that I wanted to see. My family never had the travel bug and family vacations were always spent loading up the car and spending 2 days on the road heading out east to visit family. I enjoyed these trips and they created many great memories. One day when I was pretty young my mom stopped to talk to a friend in the grocery store and she told my mom about this lovely holiday to Hawaii. My sense of adventure and travel was awakened and I thought I’d like to go there.  In school many classmates went to Florida for March break and talked about Disney World and oh how I wished to go there… I discovered there was more out there and I wanted to go and see it all! My first list was a mental one of places to visit and it only contained 2… and I always thought one day…

When I was in highschool I saw pictures of Barcelona on TV and the Sagrada Di Familia, a large cathedral designed by Antonio Gaudi. It fascinated me and I wanted to see it up close and in real life. I loved watching shows with scenery and locations far from home, especially Europe and I longed to go one day… It was around this time I constructed my list of places to visit. My list of 2 grew and grew… I tucked it away in a drawer and sometimes looked at it and would daydream, of travel.

Highschool offered foreign exchange trips and always something held me back, no friends could go, the year I was in that class the teacher wasn’t offering the trip, or the school didn’t have the funding. This only held me back, but thoughts of travel still held fast and I knew one day. Soon as I was able to go on holiday without my family I crossed off Florida and Disney from my list. My adventures had begun. The most amazing place to cross off my list was Barcelona. It didn’t look like we could make it, even though we were in Spain. The stars aligned and I was able to get there and the feeling when I rounded the corner and the cathedral that loomed above me in the orange flood lights was unbelievable. I was so small, this was larger than life. It seemed like a dream… I was here and it took my breath away. It was early morning and no crowds surrounded it taking photos. I had it to myself and to savour every nook and detail. Coming later to go inside was exciting, but lost the sense of wonder with crowds milling around. Another tick…

To travel is to take one step and I had opened a door, or a flood gate. The travel bug had bitten and wasn’t about to let go. Many trips through Europe and Australia later I must say travel never gets old. I love the sights, smells, cultures and adventures. Many places have been crossed off that list I made many years ago, but the list never shrinks as I add more and more places to go.

Some places I have been very lucky to visit and few people I know have been. Seeing Hong Kong, Shanghai, the peaceful resort in the Philippines and the Terracotta warriors being a few. Europe is my passion and still my favourite place to go. I love the history and the architecture. Some places I would still like to visit include:

  1. The Great Wall of China
  2. Perth Australia – the dolphins
  3. Egypt – the Pyramids and Valley of the Kings
  4. Machu Picchu
  5. Grand Canyon
  6. Turkey
  7. Prague
  8. Thailand
  9. Angkor Wat – Cambodia
  10. Pandas in China (Chengdu)

I would love to return to Europe and see more of my favourite cities… yet again. I guess the tag “Canadian Travel Bugs” is more than appropriate.

So what is on your list?

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11 thoughts on “A Travllers Bucket List

  1. Freda Goulet

    Diana, I am so envious of all the places that you have seen that I never will…I should have started when I was your age!! Like your parents, every summer when I was young, we headed east to visit family. When you grow up in a small village the family ties remain strong.
    Garril , Ronda, Josh and I visited the magical world of Disney a couple of years ago. That was amazing, never too old to be a child there! I have visited the south and west of Ireland…a place very much like Nova Scotia in many ways. Jamaica was fun to visit one year at Christmas….so different from our Canadian Christmas. I am always amazed by the turquoise water surrounding the islands. One of my favorite places(and Jack’s) is the music and bustle of Bourbon Street in New Orleans. We have been there three times, and we both want to return. We have visited many states in the United States…Wisconsin being one of the most beautiful. I still want to visit New Mexico some day. Australia has always tugged at my heart strings. I applied for a job there when I first started teaching, was accepted, but ended up getting married instead. Bill didn’t have a trade at that point, so he wasn’t accepted. Another dream tucked away!
    Garril, Josh and I are flying to Texas in March…a special place because Ronda is there.
    The other dreams will remain dreams unless I win the big one….

  2. Hi Diana…..I really enjoyed reading your blog and Auntie Freda’s comments. Reading your blog reminds me so much of Aaron and his notes and pictures of his many trips here and there ……not just to see U2 but to see the particular city they are touring in. You and Aaron have been really fortunate to do all of the travelling that you have done and I hope that you get to do lots more in the years to come. My bucket list of things to do got sidetracked but life goes on and sharing yours and Aaron’s adventures has been very stimulating and exciting. Big hugs!

    • Well we always here “IT’S NEVER TOO LATE” and I believe that. I heard a lady say on a radio program her whole life she wanted to be a radio announcer and always had other things come up. Finally in her 50’s she decided to go back to school. She loved it. Those inspirational words helped me decide to go back to university. In university I met a woman who was president of the ‘mature student association” and she was in her 70’s! and still going to school! I asked her about it and she said because she loved it and it was always something she wanted to do. WOW I thought if she can do it so can I. So it’s never to late to dream… and it’s never too late try. It all starts with the first dream, first step, and the first dollar 🙂

  3. Amy

    I like your list! Cambodia is very intriguing….Places far away and exotic have always appealed to me. One location on my bucket list is right in Canada, L’Anse Aux Meadows in Newfoundland. Many moons ago I taught Gr 7 history and geography, more specially the 1st Viking Settlement. I plan to wait until Kate, Scott, and Adam are older and they can understand the significance and share in the wonder and amazement of Canadian history and geography.

    • I watched a great program called “Departures” made by a few Canadian guys and they travelled the world for 1 year. It went over so well they did 2 more seasons… I’d love a fourth. They went off the beaten track, really got into culture, not just tourist sights. For the most part they avoided the ‘traps’. Anyway the first season they travelled sea to sea in Canada! The reason belong before you can appreciate home and understand your own country maybe we should explore our own first. They went from Peggy’s Cove to Vancouver. What a cool idea… I would love to see more of our own country. I love Lake Louise, the mountains in the west and rolling hills in the east. As a kid swimming in Warren’s Lake, a fresh water lake that was orange and my brother and I said looked like Kool-aide. Another I forgot on my list… to see the small town where Corner Gas was filmed 🙂 I love that show.

  4. Freda Goulet

    I agree with you and Amy that our country of Canada is so huge and diverse that there is much to see right here at home. I have been to Newfoundland, would love to go there for another visit…to mingle with the locals, the friendliest, most open people on earth. I have not been wesy of Ontario…so still a lot of country to see. Now that I’m almost 70, and out of country health insurance gets more expensive, I will travel more in Canada. Something to look forward to with pleasure.

    • Yesterday I heard some sad news about a fellow teacher. He is very ill and going to have major surgery this Friday. Hopes are high, spirits and the fight is strong… but as with any major surgery and illness there is a chance for complications and worse case scenario once they explore. Last night John and I went to see him and we talked about travel. He and his wife have worked overseas for a few years now and the places they have gone, seen and experienced. He talked about Petra (a place that I forgot to add onto my list) and the Pyramids in Egypt as well as the Great Wall in China. As I listened to his stories I thought he has no regrets -he just went out there and DID it! We talked about new places he would like to go as soon as he is well enough. So any thoughts, prayers and good vibes you can send this way would be much appreciated. He and his wife are fantastic, such good people. Get well soon Cory we will be thinking about you.

  5. Freda Goulet

    Sending healing energy and prayers to your friend. I hope all is well.

  6. Leslie

    ~~~~Healing Vibes~~~~~ for your friend.

    • It is not looking good for him, but he remains hopeful and positive. We are all hoping with positive thoughts the MIND can be more powerful than illness.

  7. Leslie

    I’ve been fortunate to see a taste of Canada from coast to coast before I was 16! And lots of Europe and several States. My parents did have the travel bug =) You’re so right the more you see the more you want to see. Newfoundland & the whales are still on the top of that list. I want to visit all of Canada’s National Parks. We were the first in the world to develop “national parks” ! And Alaska! and…

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