Dedicated to Cory

I wrote about a fellow college, friend and teacher who was working with me this year. He was our ICT (computer) teacher and he and his wife Linda had come to China to teach and have an opprotunity to travel. Cory felt ill and went to see a doctor for something he thought was a flu or a bit of “traveller’s”  illness after all he was away for Chinese New Year. It turned out to be stage 4 cancer. The doctors wanted to operate, but he was too weak. With this delay he and Linda returned home to the United States for treatment and to be closer to family.

It is with great sadness I write that Cory lost his fight this Thursday and passed away in his sleep at home.

Cory - Jan 2012

Cory - Jan. 2012

I would like to dedicate my post this week to Cory, his wife Linda and all his family. It fills us with much sadness as we begin to mourn the loss of such a great man, but as John said we should celebrate his life… especially for such a good man. One of the mom’s at school recently lost her mom to cancer and they started sending out  lists of” 20 things we know”. They were shared with everyone including the person who was ill… the idea to take the time and say all the things you think about, but never have the chance to say…

I was almost late for work one day as I sat down and made my list… I am so glad I did. I thought maybe I will do it this weekend, but that would have been too late. Linda emailed back that  it brought a smile to Cory’s face, so I am so glad I took the time.

Cory was such a nice man… friendly, helpful and genuine. There are few people in the world like him. He taught us many lessons just through conversation. He never sounded preachy or mightier than thou as he said these things… a sign of a true teacher. Soon as you met Cory and Linda you felt like old friends; like you had known each other forever.

Some of the lessons I learned from Cory…

… Always accept a free ride when offered

… Travel

… Don’t put things off

… Love your family

… Laugh

… Put others first

… Fight for what you want or believe in

… Have faith

As I write this there is so much I want to say, but cannot put it into words. I can’t do justice to such a great man and a great life. You touched so many of us here in China only after such short time… The kids still ask about him and are disappointed when they see me in the computer lab and not Mr. Cory. So let me end it by saying… see you again one day Cory… you will be greatly missed.


Stay Tuned…

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3 thoughts on “Dedicated to Cory

  1. Leslie

    I wish you enough.

  2. Freda Goulet

    We need more people like “Cory” in this world.

    • We certainly do… he had a calming effect on everyone around him. His way of putting others first was what made us like him so much. We certainly miss him and we are thankful we did.

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