April Fool?

This weekend brings us to a much-needed break, a week off school for the Chinese Qing Ming (pronounced Ching Ming – a holiday where the Chinese visit their ancestors graves and enjoy the greenery of spring) and our Western Easter holiday. We were tired of the dull drab weather that has enveloped Shanghai since December so we wanted to escape and head to a beach for a vacation. Vietnam was cheap and has a unspoiled beach, so we are told. Trip all booked and anticipation was building as the holiday crept closer and closer. This week I would check the weather and see the temps expected in the high 30’s! As the week wore on the forecast changed, for the worse, as a typhoon was moving in. Heavy rains have covered most areas that border the equator, and it is not even rainy season for 1-2 months! Saturday (today), Sunday and Monday are to be a ‘wash out’… pun intended;). The typhoon is just coming on shore now and we leave tomorrow late afternoon. I just hope things are good enough to arrive safely and allow us to explore a new country, culture and city.Maybe it is just Mother Nature’s April Fool…

Today we went and bought a few essentials… rain gear and waterproof/quick dry items. Work has been extremely busy lately with a major event every week for the last month, not to mention lead up time and practices for each event. At this point I am just looking forward to the time off and a little rain isn’t going to spoil the fun.  We have always been lucky and have had good weather when on vacation so I am sure this will turn around, but if not I brought a good book and the hotel has a spa where the cost of pampering comes in many varieties for less than $30! Pedicures for $12 are even cheaper than Shanghai. I know what I have planned for a rainy day.

Vietnam is not a place I ever thought I would want to visit and images of war or jungle seem to spring to mind whenever someone mentions it. A lot of staff from school have visited and said it is unspoiled and not over run by tourists and big hotels… yet. Kind of makes it even more exciting since we will get to see something as it develops and is still embracing its natural beauty and not tourist dollars.

Vacations make memories and good stories to tell… so no matter the weather there will be adventures to write about and share. We probably won’t bring a computer, so the tales will have to wait until we return next weekend. So what is your best vacation memory?

Stay tuned for more… next time from Vietnam!

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4 thoughts on “April Fool?

  1. lesliekb

    I know with a bit thought I’ll have more but the first that popped into my mind….
    Seeing a Sea Cucumber puke its guts out (literally…its a defense mechanism) at Saguenay St. Laurence Marine Park (a national park of Canada). I was 12 and its still the first thing I think of when people ask this question =)
    I also think of just how small I felt standing in St. Peter’s Basilica. I was fortunate enough to visit the Vatican when tourists were allowed to see much more than they do now.
    And the train ride across Canada and the cat fish biting my sister when they tried to feed them in Stanley Park in Vancouver and feeding an elephant at the San Diego Zoo. And walking along the rivers and through the moors in England. And the feeling of pure magic washing over you when you stand on “Main Street, USA” looking at the castle in Walt Disney World.

  2. Freda Goulet

    Have a terrific holiday in Vietnam…lucky, lucky you! I love the fact that a rainy holiday won’t dampen your spirits!
    I haven’t travelled extensively…most of the south eastern United States, Ireland. A couple of things come to mind: the airport in Norfolk, Virginia.It looks like a southern plantation! Beautiful. Climbing the hills above the River Shannon and looking out at the different colored greens that make up the surrounding valley…so magical. When I return to Ingonish, Nova Scotia, now that I am older, I see the beauty that is there, the breathtaking scenery on a bright sunshiny day as the ocean sparkles, backed by the blues of Smokey! I love this pristine beauty, not one Tim Horton’s in sight!

    • We had a little rain to start the trip but sunny days ever since 🙂 Must have been all in the attitude or being prepared 😉

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