Versatile Blogger Award

Wow another award! I again am flattered and honoured that people out there enjoy reading my ramblings 😉 Thanks again to Jennifer for the nomination. She is another fellow Canadian from our neck of the woods and living abroad. Check out her blog too…. My Sardinian Life.

Versatile Blogger Award

Now down to business…

The Rules:

  •  Thank the person who gave you the award.
  •  Include a link to their blog in your award post.
  •  Nominate 15 bloggers/blogs for the Versatile Blogger Award.
  •  Leave a link on their blog informing them of their new award.
  •  Tell 7 things about yourself.

Thanks again to Jennifer at My Sardinian Life for the nomination.

7 Things About Me

This is going to be hard since so many friends and family read the blog, so I will try my best to tell you something new.

1. I have signed on for another 2 years in China (with the option to complete only 1 year and leave). China was never on my list of places to visit, but I think I would miss it, so we’ll give it a go for another year or 2.

2. I am a pet lover and just had to put my cat of 15 years, Holly down 😦  She was almost 16 years old and made the trip to China with us almost 2 years ago. I miss her dearly… she took ill so suddenly and there was nothing they could do.

3. I have visited 23 countries some for a few hours (or stuck on a plane) but I was still there right? For the first time my passport was worth the $87.50 and it is almost full!

4. I have gone White Water Rafting – twice. The scariest thing I ever did in my life. Getting kicked out of the boat by my own brother and coming up with the raft over top of me was my worst fear realised. Thanks Jim I saved your but a few times and this is how you repay me? 😉

5. I used to be so painfully shy that speaking in front of my class caused me to burst into tears… despite that loved acting and would enter a drama/public speaking contest every year. I forced myself to face that fear and now I do it everyday for a living! Teaching that is.

6. I was in a movie as an extra when I was in highschool, but the movie never made it to theaters after a bad opening in Europe… I never got to see the finished product 😦

7. My claim to fame… I took a picture of my nephews on the General Lee (Duke’s of Hazard car) dressed up in the cowboy gear and when my brother met  John Schneider he stopped and did a double take and said he liked the picture… and it would make a good album cover! Maybe one day… but I won’t quit my day job just yet.


OK Now on for my nominations…

1. The Convergent Journey… a travel blog all about Europe

2. Life Sucks if You Let it … fellow teacher and friend who writes about her adventures and more here in China

3. 3rd Culture Kids … a blog about Expats and their life (and food) in Brazil

4. Wander Lust Gene… blog about travel, life and a love of pets

OK I am supposed to nominate 15, but these are the main ones I follow… so I will look for more and add them later.

Once this is posted as I promised I will write more on ou trip to Vietnam.

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11 thoughts on “Versatile Blogger Award

  1. Congratulations on the nomination/award and thanks for mentioning our travelblog… much appreciated! Greetings from (currently!) Brazil (we’re getting ready to move on to our next assignment, La Paz, Bolivia).

    Take care!

    • Congrats to you as well… I hope you got my nomination for your blog. Good luck with your new assignement. Will you miss Brazil? I had a new American student start and he just moved from Brazil to China!

      • Thanks! Thanks for the nomination… it’s just that, so much to do, so much planning… we’ll definitely miss Brazil… but we’re excited with the move, as well! 😮

  2. Hey, Canadian Travel Bug – how generous of you. Now I’ll really have to figure out how to do this pi pinging and grabbing, and whatnot – and when I do, my thanks will become official …

    • I am not sure how to pingback, but I knew how to add hyperlinks to link back to your blog… there may be an easier way, but I haven’t discovered that. Technology… always something new to learn and it seems once you do it is outdated as the latest fad has taken root 😉

      • the trick is to never fall behind – like learning anything, it’s the loss of one of the building blocks that renders a subject unintelligible:) Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll put my mind to it …!

  3. jooy

    Aww, thanks for the nomination! It may take me a while to act on the nomination–mostly because culling a list of 15 blogs to recommend is no small task! But I’m honored and thankful and hope to get around to it soon 🙂

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