Weekly Photo Challenge: Sun #2

Hello All,

Doing this week’s challenge together I came across 2 more pics of Sun that I wanted to share… I know it is late  and we are onto a new challenge, but am I excused since the others were on time?


Sun or Heavenly Rays in St. Peter's Basilica?

Ice storms are happening more frequently as the world  weather changes… they are dangerous to drive in  not to mention horrible to chip your car out of a cocoon of ice to get into it again, but so beautiful as they change the world into a glass menagerie…

Nature's Glass Menagerie

Do you think these late entries were worth it?

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11 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Sun #2

  1. The first image is smack on awesome!

  2. I love the picture at St Peter’s! Fantastic shot x

  3. Really great entry! I especially like the first one! I found this challenge to be a challenge! Great job capturing sun!

    • Thanks… that was taken a few years ago and I forgot all about it. I stumbled upon it when looking for ‘together’ photos. I found it a hard challenge too with sunset/rise kinda out. Finding this in the ‘archives’ made it easier.

  4. Like heaven opened its doors and a divine light reached for every man’s heart. Just beautiful…

  5. looove the st. peter’s basilica photo! majestic indeed!

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