Never Know What Your Gonna Get…

I have talked about the strange, unexpected and bizarre before in China… you just never know what you are going to get. Walking down the street you see people breaking road rules, carrying odd amounts of recycling or using the street as a personal toilet… Never is that as scary as when you are going to eat something! I wish I could ask and understand in Chinese “what is that?” or “what is in that?” At the grocery store it would be helpful if I could read some Chinese and know what I am getting. It is a leap of faith when you bite into some of the foods. But what can I do I need to eat right?

Before I go on lest back up a bit. I have been blogging almost 2 years now and I have written about some of the odd sights, sounds and foods before. My blog has really exploded about March this year, so you all can get caught up, or review, you may want to check out my previous posts from last year. The first about sights…. Seeing Is Believing and then about some food (I think I did 2 or 3 on food alone, but here is one.) Never Gets Old, so now that we are up to speed on to today’s adventure.

I went to the grocery store and it was busy, as it often is on weekends. Think Boxing day sale busy… yes THAT busy. I went to get some strawberries, none. Then to the bananas and the only choices that were left was soft, mushy and split or green and gross (when they ripened they would be all bruised). I eat fruit for my morning snack every day since I eat breakfast about 6AM due to the fact I need to leave around 7AM to get to work for the required teacher’s time at 7:30 AM (ouch… school starts here at 8AM and goes to 3:15). 12:30 (or duty days 1PM) is a long ways off from breakfast, so I must have a snack unless I want to scare the children with my stomach growls and grumbles. My favourite fresh fruit was out this week and I had picked some veggies instead. I thought about some dried fruit as an alternative and was heading back to that part of the store when I saw this little package of Vitamin C with pictures of fruit. I picked up the package and it was a little heavy. I couldn’t understand the Chinese writing, so I had to use the clues provided to me and I assumed it was those dried fruit bars like I have had at home. Similar weight and packaging, so it was a safe bet. The price was like 9RMB (or less) which is under $1.50 Canadian so I thought I could always give it away if it was totally gross.

As luck would have it there was a break in the  crowds and I jumped in a checkout lane and bought my weekly groceries and new-found treasure. I couldn’t wait to try it out when I got home. I opened the large packet and took out 1 of the smaller prewrapped ones. I squeezed it and it was soft and a bit mushy. Hmmm maybe not what I thought it was, but maybe a candy like wine gums, gummy bears or something similar. So what do you think it was? I should leave you all hanging and post in a day or two… Oh I better not report cards are upon us and it may be awhile before I can give you the answer, so I won’t leave you all hanging!

I took off the next wrapper and there was a little plastic tube filled with something green. Should I dare? I tried to get it open and no teeth, twisting or pulling was getting off this lid. Well not really a lid I guess. With scissors I cut off the skinny top and a sticky goo ran down my fingers. Before I could chicken out I put it up to my lips to try it and a lot of it ran down my chin. It was runny, sticky, but at the same time a little thick. The best thing I can think of is jello that has melted and has a few semi solid chunks in it. It tasted good… so I finished it off. Still not sure what it is, or purpose: drink, snack, vitamin? It wasn’t so bad so I guess I’ll finish the package.

Ya never know what you are gonna get and so far I have been pretty lucky and haven’t eaten anything that has forced me to spit it out.

So what did you think it was? What did you think of the older posts?

Stay tuned for more…


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13 thoughts on “Never Know What Your Gonna Get…

  1. Freda Goulet

    You are right, you do have to eat, but I think you are much more brave than I! I’m not sure I could try something so totally different. I read labels constantly, and if there are more than two ingredients that I don’t recognize, it stays in the store….luckily, most are in English that I can understand. I ‘m not sure I could survive in China!

    • But you’d have to eat 🙂 Must be a nightmare for people with allergies!

      • Freda Goulet

        I wouldn’t fare very well…I do have a gluten allergy, and it is amazing how many products contain gluten, including shampoo and creams. It is often listed as something other than gluten…”maltodextrin” is one example.

  2. Northern Narratives

    Wow, I will think of that all day, wondering what it could be 🙂 Judy

  3. Good luck…I can’t even imagine trying to figure out what you are eating. I used to go to a Chinese grocery store in Boston when I lived there and I had to ask for help. Not sure you can do that there. You are brave. I’m excited that I found your blog. I love learning about places and hearing other people’s stories. I look forward to more.

    • We have had a few odd combinations, but stick to mostly western places so we have been lucky. A few people at work have been fed dog (yes a few places still eat it- more in smaller villages). I just can’t since for us they are pets, but that is their culture and what is normal to them. I asked my co-teacher what it was and she said kids like it… so it is like what we would treat as candy.
      Thanks for finding me, taking the time to comment and reading 🙂

    • You have inspired and idea! I guess I should post another picture and more food posts…

  4. Leslie

    Sounds like the squeezable fruit they sell here. The kids say its gross. Kind of like apple sauce in a ‘Kool-aid Jammer” container.

    • We have that here too, but this is clear green gel. I should post a picture of the inner packet so you can see what I mean. My co-teacher said kids like it… it is like a treat or candy for them. It was pretty good, very sweet though. Maybe I should buy some to bring home this summer along with those WASABI crackers for Josh 😉

  5. Leslie

    So… what is it?

    • Lost your pretty flowers pic 😦
      It was a green jello like drink. It is for kids, like a treat. It also has vitiam C added. Tasted OK… probably not something I would buy again. I’ll save a few to bring home this summer for you to try.

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