Travel Theme Photo Challenge: Summer

The weekly photo challenge that I enjoy participating in was late last week and an unoffical one sprang up. It had such a great response that Ailsa over at Where’s My Backpack decided to post another. Click on the link to see other participants.

So the idea is to post a picture of what summer means to me. I love summer. The warm pleasant weather, sunny days,

Mr. Potato

time off for vacations. As a child we would drive out East to see my parent’s family home, relatives and my parent’s friends. We loved looking for the landmarks to know we were getting closer. The tunnel in Quebec, the Large Potato in New Brunswick (and if we were lucky maybe a promise to stop at Magnetic Hill on the return journey) and then the Nova Scotia Boarder would welcome us with the sound of bagpipes as we got out to stretch our legs. Next was the little English Town Ferry across the strong currents of river with intense whirlpools. We were almost there!

The beautiful country side would flash by our window as my dad’s country music would blast on the radio. I was not a fan and was thankful for the gift of  a ‘Walkman’ and would bring my own mix tapes to drown out the sad melancholy drone of the depressing story of another country song. Arriving at our grandparents everyone would embrace and pick up where we left off last visit. My dad would help my uncle out on the fishing boats and we would play with our cousins and run through the tall grass, play in the woods, pick blueberries on top of Old Smokey and swim at Warren’s Lake, where to water looked like orange Kool Aide!  At my other grandparents we would walk the beach, they lived right on the bay, pick blueberries on the point, dig for clams at low tide, and have a party. Everyone would come and sing, dance, play guitar and if you couldn’t play an instrument then you played the spoons. Being together was a time of celebration and we enjoyed every minute of it. Sad tears would fill our eyes as we said our good-byes and counted the days until next summer.

Sorry for the graininess of the photos since these are a few of the old yellowed photos I have rescued from harmful sticky photo albums and  scanned.

As always please play nice… photos and words are property of CTB and cannot be used in any form without permission.

Stay tuned for more…


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14 thoughts on “Travel Theme Photo Challenge: Summer

  1. This is wonderful, I just got transported back in time to the summers of your childhood. Beautifully written, very evocative and the photos really add to the trip down memory lane. Love it. Thanks for joining in the summer challenge! xoxx Ailsa

    • Thanks for the compliment (blush). It was great to think of all the happy memories. Many of my relatives have passed on so it was great to preserve and share those times and pay tribute to them. As I said on your blog I was going to write something totally different and then I just started writing and this is what came out! It just flowed and I completed this post in record time. I am glad I had a few photos to add… I need to scan more!

      • Really enjoyed it, so glad my summer challenge got you thinking about those happy memories 🙂 Hurray for summer!

  2. Freda Goulet

    Your blog left me teary as I, too, was transported back in memory, to all of the summer trips out East to visit family. I loved your comment that Warren’s Lake looked like orange kool Aide….and it does! We had great fun on those visits….ask your dad some time about knocking the ornamental “Pea cocks” off mom’s wall! Thanks for the summer memories!

    • Ahhh yes Dad was always up to something, but we always knew it was him because he can’t keep a straight face!
      Wondered if he did that while doing the camel walk??? LOL

      • Freda Goulet

        Not sure it was the camel walk…he was on his way to the bathroom after a night of beer drinking! It probably looked a lot like the camel walk! LOL!

  3. Great summer memory post! I remember Mr. Peanut from the boardwalk in Atlantic City!!

    • Ya those BIGs are cheesy, but great when you are a kid. Canada has all kinds… BIG things… funny how they draw the tourists though.

  4. Just set a new travel theme challenge I’d love you to join in, if you have the time! Pass it on, everyone’s welcome 🙂 xxx Ailsa

    • Ooohhh interesting. So many great ones here in China too… no time to get some shots. I hope I have a few already. I really want to get to the bird market, but just haven’t had the time… that would be cool!

      • looking forward to seeing what you come up with – and when you do get a shot of the bird market let me know, sounds really interesting!

  5. You reminded me of the time my parents loaded us five kids in the back of the station wagon for a road trip out east one summer. I remember them taking us to magnetic hill!

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