Weekly Photo Challenge: Hands

It has been a busy work week and I am up to here (hand gesture hand by my head) with work. I wanted to continue to participate so this will be short and sweet so these hands can get back to work . Ug report cards… 2o+to do in 10 days and lots of school events including one this Saturday… time is running out (hand gesture head in hands).

Hands are so expressive and we can interpret many things. Instead of me repeating what many have already said let me just show you (hand gesture Vanna White Style pointing at my photos).

First shot is me when I was little and still not so steady on my feet. My parents torment me with the stories of me walking with my hands raised about shoulder height for balance. I guess I also did it sitting down sometimes too. They teased I was like a preacher praying with my hands always heavenward.

Next is my husband and my hands showing off our newly formed bond… entwined and almost one πŸ™‚ (hand gesture our smiles were THIS BIG arms outstretched). There is a cool story behind my ring, but that will have to be saved for another day.

OK must run and get these hands back to work (hand gesture waving good-bye).

Stay tuned for more (hopefully this weekend)….




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16 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Hands

  1. Northern Narratives

    Two nice photos πŸ™‚

  2. lovely post. Love the hand photograph. have something exactly like that of my husband and me taken on our wedding day!

  3. Oops I forgot to add the link to the photo challenge πŸ™‚


  4. What do you do in China and how long have you been living there? How long have you been married? Ok….so many questions but I am really curious! I love learning about other peoples lives, especially the bloggers I follow! Oh, and I love the post. Finally, where are you from in “Oh….Canada? We are almost neighbors…ha ha.

    • Hello Third Eye, I am a teacher at an international school. I taught for years in a daycare and went back and got my university & teaching degree to teach ‘real school’. I graduated at the wrong time as the economy took a huge down turn. I had trouble just getting supply work! Yes it was that bad. I ended up taking a job here teaching international kids that are all expats since their parents are here working from western companies. I am just finishing out a 2 year contract and signed on for another 1-2 years. My husband and I will have been together 10 years this June, but coming up on our 4th year anniversary.

      • Wow that is great! What city do you live in China and do you like living there? Where in Canada are you from? Does your husband work too in China? Nicole

    • PS thanks for the comments and follow. Did I read on your blog you also came to China? When was that?

      • Yes, my dad and I went in November! I have a TON of posts on it as I found it fascinating. If you are interested you can scroll to the bottom of my blog and click on archives Oct/Nov/Dec or China. I wrote for at least a month after that trip! I would be curious to get your perspective on what I wrote.

    • Won’t let me reply below we will see if this works
      We live in Shanghai PuDong new area. It has more green space and SPACE so we liked it. I was afraid it would be noisy, crowded and I would look out my window at a brick wall. Luckily we look out on some green space and we are off the busy street. We found it crazy living here, but so interesting to be able to see something so different than home. It is nice to get off the tourist streets and have the chance to see more than I would passing thorough, even though still an outsider. The new growth and old world together is an interesting combination.
      My husband tried to get a business going, but that is tough. He has tried for 2 years. He is also a chef and has worked at a few western restaurants, but often they make big promises and then once working there they don’t follow through. He was getting paid just more than local wages, but promised much more. Working 12 hours a day 6 days a week it was not good for his health or worth the money.
      We are from Southern Ontario… across the water from Toronto and short drive to Niagara Falls.

  5. I love the images! πŸ™‚

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