Travel Theme Photo Challenge: Street Markets

China is a haven for street markets. Every street it seems there is a someone with a bike, truck, or blanket spread out to sell anything from books, DVDs, flowers, fruit, hats, socks, umbrellas, dishes… you name it they probably sell it. I am sure it is knock offs, but for a few dollars you can bargain down to a reasonable price or less than the shops.

I am really busy with work and reports so again this is short and sweet. I would love go capture some better shots, but no time. Only a week to get these all done, plus the regular job stuff. Next week I may have to pass… as that is the weekend before reports are due. It wouldn’t be so bad, but we have a lot of events and things going on now too, which takes away from my planning time and leaves me with no free time.

I have 3 shots, but none from Shanghai where I live. 2 are from the water town a short drive from Shanghai –Zhujiajiao (jshoe ji jaow). As I said street markets set up anywhere and it can be many vendors or just a few. These vendors were selling more interesting things than I have seen on the streets of Shanghai.

The last shot is in Xi’an just outside of the parking area where you can go in to see the Terracotta Warriors. People lined the streets selling apples and pomegranates (YUM) to the thousands of people passing through. They lined the streets and 2 lane highways into town as well.

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Stay tuned for more….

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21 thoughts on “Travel Theme Photo Challenge: Street Markets

  1. In a hurry to post I forgot to add the link to Ailsa over at “Where’s My Backpack” for setting up this challenge. Check out her site to see more photos from other bloggers.

  2. Nice one, thanks for showing us street markets in Zhujiajiao – and for including a link to the travel China site, it was fascinating to read about Shanghai’s Venice! Good luck with your reports, and thanks for joining in the street market theme, loved it. xxx Ailsa

    • Thanks… when I get more time I shall go out and explore more of the markets and do more posts. Didn’t think about how others may find it interesting since it is more just ‘everyday’ for us now. Last summer the street vendors were gone and I missed them… streets were so bare without them.

  3. That’s some serious street market, Ill take the chicken in the bag please! Does is come with dipping sauce?

    • Would you like fries with that? LOL. I guess they like fresh and then you know it is FRESH! The best was one time waiting for the elevator at our building this guy’s fish flopped out of his bag onto the floor! My Grandpa and Uncle were fishermen and even they didn’t bring home live ones! Welcome to China… that was one of our first days here and I am sure my jaw was on the floor.

  4. I would have run for the hills!

    • I like mine skinned, defeathered and in plastic please. I just couldn’t imagine… Some of the markets have live chickens and like at the fancy fish restaurant you pick the one you want and they prepare it for you while you wait. Something we can’t fathom… I think I should be vegetarian!

  5. Leslie

    I like the photo of the lone vendor. The texture of the street and building vs the texture and colours of her? clothes. The simple clean look of the street vs the ..not neat bag of wares. Its a captivating photo.

    • Thanks… John said I should not take the photo in case she didn’t like it, but from far enough away she didn’t notice… I am too sneaky. I liked the culture coming through as this is something we would never see at home. I have learned take pictures of the different and strange on holiday… because chances are you will never see it again, or anyone beleive you… like the funny BLUE man last summer 😉

  6. great captures…i liked the old woman best…you did capture something special with her

  7. I found some crazy markets in Beijing with the wildest food I had ever seen.

  8. Wonderful.. guess she needs the chicken for the eggs!

  9. This week’s travel challenge is a tricky one, but I bet you’re up to it! xxx Ailsa

  10. We plan to visit China next year, I’d love to visit Zhujiajiao, it looks beautiful! Thanks for the link! The market looks interesting.

    • It is very cool and not too far away. We hired a taxi and he waited for 3 hours and brought us back. China is very interesting… get off the main path and down a few side streets and alleys to see some interesting sites! Let me know when you book and I can give you some other tips 😉
      Thanks for the comment and visit!

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