Travel Theme: Rhythm

Alisa over at Where’s My Backpack has come up with another great theme for the new weekly travel inspired photo challenge. This week it is RHYTHM.

At first I thought I didn’t have anything for this challenge. I often think that when I see the challenge theme and then after I think about it for a day or two I remember something and then search the archives, or on some occasions take a photo. Thinking about rhythm I thought about seeing street musicians and really I haven’t seen many on my travels. In China I regularly used to pass a woman and sometimes a man singing out loud as they rode their bikes. Who needs an iPod! Unfortunately I haven’t snapped a photo of this since I am usually biking to work and it isn’t exactly safe to ride with camera ready. If I stopped to fish out the camera they would be long gone. However, I did remember our 2 trips to Cuba and how much we loved the music, and they loved their music! Home to Copacabana with the big singing and dancing show in Havana (not to be missed!). We stayed at 2 different resorts and each hosted a small band who would entertain the guests and sing and play music. You can see the energy and happiness on their faces.

Everybody is Welcome to Join In!

Oye Como Va was my favourite. One night at dinner the band was playing and it was background noise then a few servers started dancing, left their tables and started to dance. Next some guests joined in and before we knew it almost the whole hall had stopped and was in a big circle dancing, laughing and having the best time. This is a video, and a bit too long to post, but I included a photo of the band.

I work at an international school and music is a BIG part of our curriculum. The children take violin 3 times a week and music once a week. We also have singing at our weekly assembly and a singing assembly every week. The first year I was told the Year 1-3 would perform in a violin concert I thought I better get some ear plugs! Over 200 kids playing a violin I expected it to sound like a cat being squeezed and howling! Not where I wanted to be for numerous practices and 2 concerts! To my surprise when 240+ students got on stage and played in tune and together it was incredible. I was totally impressed and it gave me goosebumps.

Year 1-3 Playing

The last thing I will include is a photo of our trip to the Philippines last year. We stayed in a simple traditional hut overlooking the water. There was no TV, phones or modern-day buildings within close proximity. Just peace, quiet and no distractions. At night we slept so well with the rhythm of nature…. the wind in the palms, the rain gently falling and the waves on the beach. It was the most relaxing and peaceful place I had ever experienced.

Nature’s Rhythm -wind, waves and wonderful

So what is rhythm to you?

Stay tuned for more….

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13 thoughts on “Travel Theme: Rhythm

  1. Thoughtful recollections CTB. I think you’ve inspired me too!

  2. I can’t help but smile when I look at the beaming faces of the band in that top photo, but I really love the bottom photo, I can almost hear the wind in the palms and the sound of the waves.

    • Thanks. If you can ever get to Cuba you will love their energy, friendliness and music. The last picture is my favourite too… no noise and so relaxing. I want to go back one day.

  3. Leslie

    It doesn’t get much better than the rhythm I’m listening to now… a summer breeze and my kids sleeping (snore/mummbles). I also love the nights when its quiet and you hear the underlying sound of home…the roar of the Falls.

  4. Love your rhythm version. Music and nature are two powerful elements that moves our soul and inspire us everyday. Beautiful images. Thank you.

    • Yes music always brings back memories and the Cuban beat brings back lots of happy ones of fun and sunshine. The waves always relax me… I am a beach bunny at heart πŸ˜‰

  5. All wonderful images of rhythms!

  6. The one place i have always wanted to visit was Cuba…love these images but the Cuban one is my favourite

    • Thanks… Cuba is lovely. Old world colonialism, nature, white powdery beaches… and the people and music make it all worth it. We liked it so much we went twice in 1 year (last minute sell off for trip #2). We hope to go back for a third trip this summer or next.

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