Weekly Photo Challenge: TODAY

OK so I was disappointed yesterday that I did not have a cool or interesting photo for the weekly challenge: TODAY. I got a lot of comments on the flowers and it seemed to be well liked 🙂 Thanks so much for all the comments and likes.

Jo Bryant commented that is nice to see that China is somewhat the same as home. Thanks Jo, and yes that is true and they are people, live and love just like us (westerners) and I believe no matter who you are or where you live we are all people and deserve to be loved, cared for and treated with dignity and respect. However, living in China (for me) is nothing ordinary! Coming from a small town and country of 30 + million to a city of 25+ million (my whole country could live in Shanghai!) things have been different. Here there have been so many weird sights, sounds and customs that greet us almost everyday. Many I don’t even notice anymore. All of these wonderful events have become a part of my blog and a reason to blog… it keeps me sane, all these posts will make wonderful memories and it makes people back at home wonder or laugh. Really I DON”T make this stuff up!

Please don’t get me wrong… I was disappointed because I couldn’t share with you something that makes China unique and interesting… one of the few reasons I signed on for another year, even though I fulfilled my 2 year contract, I wasn’t ready to leave yet. China has that effect on some people.  Today camera in hand (well bike basket) I rode along to work hoping to see the bird lady or the ducks/chickens. Some old world traditions still hang on in this city of growth and modernization… Imagine my delight and chance to share with you all when I saw them on the path along the river. I quickly went down the path and bravely asked to take a photo (although he thought I was weird from the stares I got and his comments in Chinese. I don’t understand a lot of Chinese but  I got the gist of this one ;))  On the way back to the road I also got a view of today’s catch.

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Enjoy! Here is part of my world today…. what did you see today? Bet you can’t beat this 😉

Stay tuned for more…

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13 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: TODAY

  1. Oops I forgot to leave the link so you can check out other photos of today. Here is the link

  2. Leslie

    LOL That is definitely not what I’d see today. If I was to share a ‘unique’ photo of my today … humm I could take a photo of “The Falls” most people only take photos of them in the bright sun. Or maybe the river. In Canada we are lucky enough to have an abundance of water. I know that its not true for many countries. But back to my “today’ .. it would be children jumping in puddles.

    • That could make a cool shot with bright yellow rain coats 🙂 Sunday was just an ordinary day for me, so I was on a misson to get something extrordinary!

  3. Great today captures! Have you tried turtle??

    • No…turtle, dog, duck tongue… I have tried a few interesting things, but I am never keen on meat things.I have tried fruit and packaged items. I could tell you about dragon fruit however 😉

  4. Awwwwwwww – when I see things like that it is no wonder I am almost completely vegetarian…but they are unusual !!!!

    • Yes I am not big on meat either and this gives me good reason not to! Although there is a guy in our compound that has a PET chicken… I am trying to get a picture so I can post about that soon!

  5. Leslie

    Humm Now I’m wondering. Just how do you prepare turtle? I’ve heard of turtle soup but I’m sure there are other ways?

    • I am not sure. My co-teacher says they like the baby turtle the bigger ones do not taste as good 😦 Either way I just could’t bring myself to eat it and besides if you saw the river…. yuck!

  6. Very interesting! Your image of hens reminded me of my country, Philippines.

    I visited China once, and I agree with you, it offers a lot of unusual sights and sounds. Although I only stayed for a few days in Shenzhen, it didn’t escape my privy eyes their bathroom bowl, which they call the Kungfu. Speaking to the locals is also a big problem but, despite its difference from I have been accustomed to, I have to say, China is a beautiful country! 🙂

    • Yes it is very interesting. I have been the Shenzhen, but only passing through a short drive to go to Hong Kong. It is starting to develop and change. We are in Shanghai which is much more modern and lots of Westerners are here so you forget where you are sometimes until something out of the ordinary happens… very different than I would see at home. I love it though and it is great to experience a different world that I would never know otherwise. Thanks again for the visit and taking the time to share 🙂

  7. Interesting post, how could they eat turtle?

    • I don’t know I couldn’t. I’ve heard it is good though. They also eat dog, bugs and duck tongue… So who I am to judge? 😉

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