Weekly Photo Challenge: Close

Recently we posted on “Friends” and “Together” so for “Close” I thought I should think outside the box and not use the first idea that popped in my head… being close with someone. Besides it has already been done ;), so this is what I came up with instead:

Results from: http://www.diamondleague-shanghai.com/Live-StartlistsResults/Overview/

A few weeks back we went to the Shanghai Diamond League Games and these two women high jumpers were so ‘close’. They both made the same heights and it was a close race and the next jumper to make it was first. Unfortunately the rain started and kept getting heavier, so each one of them missed the jump. The officials kept lowering the bar and the rain came harder still, so the women slowed their pace and continued to fail to make the new height. It was CLOSE… and the crowd watched with baited breath and a collective sigh and “ahhhh” was released each time there was a miss. Finally the American woman C. LoweΒ  made the jump and the Chinese woman X. Zheng missed and event was over. Boy was it CLOSE! Not only a close race, but look how close they come to the bar without knocking it down.

Women’s High Jump – So CLOSE

A sprint is always good for a photo finish and talk about being close… less than a second between winners!

Photo Finish – now that is CLOSE!

Want to join in? Check out Word Press here and drop your link for close. Just want to see what others think about close? Hit the same link and see everyone’s examples πŸ™‚

As always play nice -no copying of images without permission of CTB.

Stay tuned… I have 2 more photo challenges have to be posted this week!

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14 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Close

  1. This is an interesting read =)

    • Thanks… thought to try something out of the ordinary… after all the Olympics are coming soon. Thanks for taking the time to comment πŸ™‚ Appreciate it.

  2. So glad someone had some close wins/loses! Great post.

  3. Freda Goulet

    I think we all experience “close” calls and ” near misses” as we travel the road of life. I once lost my brakes as I went down Smokey Mountain on the Cabot Trail…no brakes, they had overheated, with five small children in the car with me, in a huge 1968 Chrysler New Yorker! That was a “close” call for me! I remember how afraid I was the next time I had to drive over Smokey, but I overcame my fear….and remembered to gear down so I wouldn’t overhear the brakes again!!

    • Wow that would be scary! I remember the stories of accidents on Smokey and being afraid as we drove over, but the scenery was lovely. I tried to focus on that. I never drove it though.

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  5. lol, very unorthodox interpretation. Close to win… I never thought to post picture like that. Good work!

  6. Interesting take on the “close” challenge! Fun!

  7. Great text and pictures to represent “close.” You are right, that is coming at it from a “different” angle. πŸ™‚

    • I often think about the challenge for a day or two and try not to do what everyone else is doing πŸ™‚ Glad you liked it and thanks for taking the time to check it out.

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