Weekly Imagine of Life: Fun Under the Sun

I am a SUN person. I love the sun and feel energized on days where the skies are blue and the sun sparkles. Needless to say I love a beach holiday. I have been lucky to go to the Philippines and Vietnam in the last 2 years and see beaches on the other side of the world. I have also seen beaches in Canada, the US, Europe (Nice in France, Narja in Spain, and another in Greece. Australia had amazing beaches and I hit many as I travelled down the coast from Cairns to Melbourne. The waters are warm, the sand is soft and the ocean still soothes the soul no matter where you go.

One of our favourite places to go is Cuba in the Caribbean. My husband and I went there for our honeymoon so it holds a special memory. After returning to university to get a degree and planning a wedding it was also a much-needed vacation. Maybe that is why is holds a special place in our hearts. The people, the music and the easy-going joyful lifestyle is also addictive. Here are my pics of Fun in the Sun.

The turquoise warm waters are a great place to relax. Ahhhhh……

I love to read on a beach chair while I listen to the waves and then jump in to cool off. My husband decided to amuse himself in other ways and first built a scuba diver and then decided he should also add a shark. Look OUT!


It brought a lot of smiles and comments from other tourists passing by. What a great day of fun in the sun!


Want to see more or maybe join in? Check out Island Traveller‘s blog for the challenge.

As always please play nice… these images are property of Canadian Travel Bugs.


Stay tuned for more next week…

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16 thoughts on “Weekly Imagine of Life: Fun Under the Sun

  1. Leslie

    LOL I love that he was building sand creations. My brother in law also does that at the beach!

  2. It was a great day of fun under the Sun. Like the tourists who passed by, I am to got fascinated by the sand scuba diver and the shark. Your husband is very talented. Your are blessed to see all these beaches and be immersed with the various exciting and colorful cultures from various countries. Beautiful images tha makes me wanna visit the sea soon. This I’ll take with me today, “. I love the sun and feel energized on days where the skies are blue and the sun sparkles.” Thanks and best wishes to your family.

    • Thank you… I have visited many beaches over my life and the stress seems to wash away with the soothing waves.
      Yes my husband is talented and it was fun to see him create the scuba diver and shark. Says something about his strange sense of humour 😉

  3. I am dying to go to Cuba! Hopefully someday!

    • It is amazing… a place frozen in time. Slowly it is changing though. In a way it is nice to go somewhere where things are still simple. Joy comes from the people and within 🙂 An escape from the ‘rat race’.

      • Yes I agree. I heard it is opening up a bit for Americans. Our crazy politics, I tell you! Are you back in Canada yet?

        • no this week is our last at school, so can’t leave until the upcoming weekend 😦 Can just image what is going on… I don’t keep up with the news. Besides too busy lately.

          • Wow, those kids go to school much longer than ours, huh? Mine have been out for weeks now! Have a good end of the year!

            • We got out a week earlier last year. Most schools are already done, but us 😦 Oh well all the kids work is done we are just having fun. Besides they are great helpers for packing up 🙂

  4. The beach and the colour of the water looks so beautiful.

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  6. Carribean is an absolute place to go!

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