Weekly Photo Challenge: Fleeting Moment

In Shanghai I must learn how to play ‘tacky tourist’ and have a camera slung around my neck at all times. There are so many sights that only seeing is believing at times. I occasionally carry a camera in my bag, but by the time I get it out and ready it is too late. Other times I have it at the ready, and nothing.

One of the things that I found fascinating when I first arrived are the people on bikes piled high with recyclable finds that they rummage for in garbage or other items that have been discarded. It may be crushed and flattened cardboard, large styrofoam pieces that leaves a trail of fake snow in its wake, or the numerous large plastic bottles that resemble a bunch of grapes. It amazes me how they lash all these things to stay in place and then balance and ride the bike with what must be an enormous weight.

Typical Sights – be fast or you’ll miss the shot

It is funny we were just discussing these sights on a bus ride from a staff meeting ,on Friday, as we saw some pass. One of my co-workers said how she wished she had a camera ready as this tricycle style bike was piled high with its wares and this very old-looking woman was struggling to peddle while her husband reclined in the back smoking away. Maybe she drew the short straw that day, or was her shift.

My best sighting, that hasn’t been beat yet, was this enormous pile of bags that I think were piled high with styrofoam pieces. An older gentleman was driving the trike and near the top in a little alcove, hollowed out in the bags perched his wife. Ahhh to have captured that on film or memory card!

A few weeks ago I went to an art exhibit here in Shanghai and there is a photographer who has taken some of these shots and edited in backgrounds. They called them totems. You can check out that post here. After seeing the picture at the exhibit of the furniture seller I wondered why I had never seen something like this, only the recyclable bikes. Just a few days later I spotted one on my ride home. I quickly ran inside grabbed the camera and ran back out. I caught this smaller version. The next day I saw them again as I went out to pay the bills. They were in front of the shop and passers-by were stopping to check out the wares. I love it furniture shopping comes to you!  I’d hate to see someone pick the one on the bottom! As I got closer there was a woman sitting on one of the chairs and in her lap was another chair as she expertly and quickly weaved the thin straw into an intricate pattern. She was making the chair right on the street!

Furniture for Sale

Another cool sight from last weekend in the rain. It was a good steady rain and the walkway above the busy road along side of the Pearl Tower and towards Super Brand Mall was a little more crowded with all the umbrellas!

Umbrella Parade

To see more or participate check out the word press sight. You don’t have to be a professional just have a love for taking pictures.

Stay tuned for more…

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16 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Fleeting Moment

  1. Fantastic! You got your own totem shot = and a furniture seller. I’m so glad. Wonderful fleeting moments … 🙂
    Bon voyage – and have a happy holiday 🙂

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  4. Amar Naik

    great shots

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  6. I love your selection and the range of interesting subjects you included in the post. Great job! 🙂

  7. tricycle style bike piled high with its wares: great portrait of a worker!

    • This is pretty common, but not the biggest I have seen. One day I will have to camp out on a corner and wait and hopefully catch one of these piled over 10 feet high! Thanks for the comment and visit 🙂

  8. Amazing , powerful images that shouts out loud what life is in reality in these places. They remind me of the scenes in the Philippines, how a small machine and a frail looking man can carry an enormous load and still run like the wind. Makes me appreciate what a man’s courage, determination and faith can do…Thanks.

    • Yes they are so deterimed and work so hard. Something many people in the west won’t ever experience. Just tonight we were at a shop at the announcement came on they were closing. There were long ques so we found one that was open. We ran over and just as we got within reach he shut his light off and said sorry I’m closed (and he saw us coming). Another cashier called us over to check us out. He was young and obviously work is something he takes for granted, a luxury, where I witness work is something to hopefully put food on the table and roof over their heads… or something that you should value and do your best. Every job is important.

  9. Great shots! It’s amazing how much they pile on, how unsecure they look, but how secure the load turns out to be.

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