Travel Theme Photo Challenge: Art

A few weeks back I went to a small and very new art gallery here in Shanghai. I posted about it and displayed a few of the works here. The one that amazed me was the large chiseled walls on the exterior of the building; two enormous head portraits. If you look closely at the one picture of the gallery you can see them.

I was always jealous of the kids in my class who could draw. I still loved art though… but what I could imagine in my head never seemed to quite make it on paper. In high school I took art for the love of it… and had poor results. All my grades were very high, except art. I asked my teacher for pointers in how to raise the grades. After all it could mean getting on the honour roll or not. He gave me a few pointers and I quickly applied them. I still had a poor mark… I tried again to ask and he told me flat-out “face it you can’t draw”. I was crushed… how could a teacher say that to a student who wanted to do better? I never took art again.

Years later I became a teacher of young children and they appreciated my drawings and I made murals for them on the chalk board and we would draw together. My confidence started to grow as I made things for the students. In addition, my work improved… Proving to someone you CAN do it in the face of adversity is a good feeling and I got that one day. My mom and I ran into my old teacher and she brought it up. She out right said to him “remember when you said she couldn’t draw? Well you should SEE what she can do now!” I was mortified… embarrassed… but secretly doing the happy dance! The look on his face…. priceless!

Ahhh (*sigh*) now that is off my chest I can get down to today’s challenge…

As one of my electives in university I took an  ‘Ancient Roman Art and Architecture’ course. I liked it so much I took 3 classes! It amazes me how the iconography was a way of communication through coins, statues and other displays at the time. It is incredible what they achieved without the tools that we have today.

Enjoy this gallery of ancient Roman Art and Architecture from Roma.:)

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Check out Where’s My Backpack for more photos, or if you want to join in on the fun 🙂

Stay Tuned for more…

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11 thoughts on “Travel Theme Photo Challenge: Art

  1. Lovely photos, CTB, and an even lovelier story. Adults often forget the power their words can have on young ears – never tell a child they lack talent. I’m so glad your foolish teacher’s words were proven wrong – I did a happy dance too when I read what your mum said to him. 🙂

    • Yes it was great… a good feeling to prove someone wrong, but not everyone has the chance to do that. As a teacher I try to be careful with what I say. You want to ENCOURAGE not DISCOURAGE. Although there are many stories out there where people were inspired by someone who said they couldn’t… it takes a strong person to push through that and say “I think I can…. I think I can… I think I can…” Thanks for the comment.

  2. I think I love your mum…she rocks !!!! great slideshow

    • Thanks… my mom and I often butt heads and she speaks before she thinks, but this time it was worth it 😉

      • Mums and daughters ALWAYS butt heads. I do all the time with mine…but I WILL defend her to the death.

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  4. Freda Goulet

    I think there is always a lesson in everything although we may not realize it at the time. The discouraging words of your high school art teacher made you more conscious of the words that you speak to your students: to encourage, not to discourage. I hope you are having a safe flight home to Canada!

    • Yes lesson learned, but still surprised a teacher could say something like that. Will be home soon…. Oh and happy birthday 🙂

      • Freda Goulet

        Thanks for the birthday wishes. I’m not surprised that a teacher said that….there are good and bad people in every profession…even in teaching! I heard things said to students that made me cringe…sad, but true.

  5. Priceless works of Art that gives us a glimpse of a rich, breathtaking past. Spectacular images that made me say, “Wow!” Thanks.

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